Best Selfie camera phone you can buy right now.
I am trying to clear something here about selfie camera phone. We have seen so many company offering selfie camera phone now a day as teh craze is high these days. I dont know why people want to show off their picture too the world. Dont you thing they are exposing themself. And because of this crazyness mobile company has started making fool of us.

I have seen some mobile phone which is good in term of camera buy only the camera. other feature is not up to the mark. I dont think selfie is the only think we lood while buying the mobile phone. Processor, technologies is the most important part of the mobile phone. and also the built in of the phone is what should be concider while choosing the smartphone.

Companies is make fool out of us, by giving their product a slogon like see the real you. I dont know after so many effects implemented on the pictures how can you show the real you.

I suggest you to keep out the fooly system of the mobile company.I have choosen some of the best phone for the your best selfie experience with the best specification.

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