Africa is a great destination to visit on a holiday. It is a vast and ancient continent that is home to abundant and diverse wildlife. Visitors to the continent agree that this is a special place to visit. Perhaps its because our long human story began in Africa, however, many guests explain how a holiday here satisfies a primitive longing to “return home”. After all, the oldest highways on this continent are those forged by elephants as they follow ancient routes that they have used for many generations. There are many countries that guests can visit on a safari in Africa. This article shall describe one great destination that guests should visit on safari in Africa. This country is Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country and a wonderful place to visit on safari. It is home to great spectacles such as the Victoria Falls. One of the seven natural wonders of the world. This is the largest falling sheet of water on earth. The area around the victoria falls is decorated by plentiful wildlife including lions and elephants. The locals call the victoria falls “the smoke that thunders”. From a distance one cannot see the waterfall. All that can be seen is mist as it rises resembling smoke from a fire. However, this smoke has an unmistakeable sound. It roars and thunders and thousands of litres crash constantly into the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall.

Zimbabwe is also home to great private reserves such as Antelope Park where guests are sure to enjoy the best African safaris. Antelope Park is home to two of Africa’s great giants. These are the African elephant and the African lion. The whole mission of antelope park is conservation. Guests to this wonderful place actually get to engage in exhilarating activities such as “walking with lions” and going on “elephant back safaris”
At Antelope Park they have an array of en-suite lodges and river tents, campsites and beautiful self-catering lodges. To further complement the experience, safari style, home cooked meals are available. Certainly, safari holidays at this place will not only leave guests with memories that will last a lifetime, but also with the knowledge that you have personally contributed to the survival of the African Lion.

In conclusion, guests should go to Zimbabwe is they want to enjoy the best African safari packages. The country is home to diverse animals and they have expert guides to ensure guests see and experience the best of Africa. Visitors to the country are sure to enjoy their time here in Africa. Guests are sure to return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after their time amongst wildlife.

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