Woodworking is an art of making goods from wood using the required skills and safety rules. Everybody needs to pay attention to the prescribed rules and regulations. While dealing with the tools and machines, we need to go through their specification, pros and cons so that you will work accordingly.

1. Always wear safety equipment:
Before proceeding or working, you need to make sure that whether you have put on the necessary equipments or not, because they have the great effect upon your safety. You must understand that every equipment is necessary and has its influence upon the safety.
Always wear goggles or safety glasses, face shields, dust masks and hearing protection appropriate for the type of tool or equipment being used. Wearing gloves is necessary while dealing with rough lumber for storage purpose.

2. Wear appropriate clothing:
Dress in a safely manner in such a way that it won’t create any trouble for yourself. You aren’t allowed to wear loose fitting clothes or jewellery, ties, scarves. Above all, you need to take care of your foot-wearings, you mustn’t wear sandals, open toed shoes or go barefoot in the shop.

3. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol:
Intoxicants are dangerous for human-life. It may become venturesome if you always remain under the control of intoxicants as well as work as a woodworker.

4. Disconnect power before blade changes:
You mustn’t forget to disconnect power before blade change. Before you bring about any change either in the tool or in the machine, all you need is to disconnect the power. Many woodworkers forget to switch off the power button and thus they have to risk their parts of the body and sometimes their life. So always keep this in mind and move forward.

5. Try using one extension cord:
Make sure to use an extension cord for all the tools and also make sure that it has the correct wire size and has a ground plug. By using one extension cord, you will be forced to switch off the power button before changing blades and thus you will be in safety.


a. Makita
1 ¼-HP
Compact kit
- An introductory package with a compressive menu of accessories. The best on the market. Speed range- 10,000-30,000 rpm. This is of light weight and can be handled easily.
-cons- only has three pre-set depth stops in the plunge base.
Max Torque – Variable speed
-A top-notch tool from a company with an excellent reputation for quality. Speed range- 16,000-27,000 rpm. Smooth tool with excellent depth control.
c. Milwaukee
-Max-Horsepower Body grip
-the most powerful tool, an extremely precise router. Fixed 24,000 rpm speed is viewed as its limitation.

6. Avoid using blunt or less sharp blade:
For a perfect finishing, operation, the blades need to be very sharp, otherwise the blunt blades may become dangerous when used in a tool. When a blunt blade is used in a tool, as it may lounge and can be dangerous for the worker. It requires more mechanical force to convert the job into the required one. So it is always advised to use a sharp blade because it saves human-power as well as saves human-being from danger.

7. Always check the stock before using:
Before performing cutting operation, you need to check the job in order to remain safe. The presence of these on the stock can be dangerous. If a nail is there on a spinning saw blade then it can cause harm by causing the stock to kick back. So always check the stock for nails, screws, staples, loose knots or other defects before using it.

8. Always check the direction of cutting operation:
We know the simple law that, cutting operation is carried out in opposite direction of motion, So this allows the tool to cut in that particular direction. Thus we must check the direction for better cutting operation as well as for better safety.

9. Avoid removing scraps/cut-off during operation:
You must make sure that the chips/scraps should be removed after the operation is completed because this may become dangerous if you reach over a blade to remove scrap during operation or unknowingly assuming that the power button is off.

10. Avoid Distraction:
During operation, always pay attention to your task. Never get distracted even for a second, this may become hazardous for your life. Always complete your given task or switch off the power and then only get involved in something else.

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Sagar Mandan is writer, HR at techssocial which is tech blog. In article he is shared on woodworker and rules to follow for becoming better wood worker.