The Roof is one of the most important elements of a building or establishment. Consistency in maintenance will undeniably increase a roof’s lifespan and its resilience.

To assess the health of a roof, check and examine the surface area and create a list of minor conditions that need to be fixed.

Fix or change unwanted and broken roof tiles, get rid of moss and mildew and clean the gutters when necessary.

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If you can examine the loft area, the better. Here are other factors that need to be inspected:

1. Water tightness:

More often than not, a roof isn’t water-resistant. Although the application of roof coating minimizes the possibility of water leakage, it’s still significant to fix the problem before applying a roof coating.

Examining the attic is a great way to locate which areas may cause water leaks. Dark stained patches on wood indicate water damage so better look for those types of patches.

They are usually seen surrounding the nails, in the gaps or other materials that made up the roof. The buildup of snow in the lower parts of the roof will likely cause water leakage.

2. Insulation:

Ceiling insulation is made up of a standardized vapor barrier and an insulating material.

This vapor barrier should be mounted in between the finishing material of the ceiling and the insulation to avoid moist from going through the attic as well as to prevent condensing the roof structure during winter.

As much as possible, the vapor barrier should remain airtight, and all openings in the pipes and cables should be covered.

3. Ventilation:

Proper airflow and insulation of the attic help air circulation inside the roof. Efficient ventilation will surely decrease the melting of snow in the lower areas of the roof.

Thus, the possibility of snow build up during the winter months will cease. Moreover, proper ventilation restricts the shingles in getting too hot making the house a lot more comfortable during summer.

Before improving the ventilation, it will be important to make sure that all necessary actions are done to avoid warm air inside the house.

A strong and long-lasting roof on your home is indeed necessary to protect the people residing in it. Therefore, proper maintenance is essential to prevent roof dilemmas in the future.

Solar Roofing Shingles and Its Advantages

Solar shingles will not function without the sun’s energy. Thus, if your home happens to be located in an environment with minimal sunlight, you may want to think about the advantage of using solar shingles for your home to reap its main benefit which is to minimize your electrical costs.

It was in 2005 that the first batch of solar shingles was released. The materials used were similar with that of solar panels.

The idea of solar roofing shingles is to capture energy from sunlight so that electricity is generated for home power consumption as well as utility power grid.

These days, homeowners of these shingles are well satisfied by grid-connection set up.

The system allows excess electricity from the solar shingles to be fed back into the grid and this electricity can be supplied if need arises. This saves them money on the installation of costly storage devices like batteries.

Solar roofing shingles provide its users long-term free electricity supply. However, you should be ready to spend for the initial cost that is a worthwhile investment.

Besides, a thin-film photovoltaic cell technology of shingles has been already developed which has a lesser cost.

For some Illinois homeowners, they do not like the idea of installing alternative sources of energy such as wind turbines and solar panels because it steal the pleasantness of their houses.

However, at present, designs and constructions of solar roofing shingles have now improved as it can already contribute to the appeal and charm of your home.

Lastly, solar roofing shingles can provide its owners similar protection and durability as that of asphalt shingles. The materials of solar roofing shingles are designed to survive different conditions and exposure to variety of elements.

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Maintaining your roof is extremely important to its lifespan and your home's safety tips by DS Roofing Systems LLC.