These days, with summer approaching, the hot sun can be such a pain. Due to the sticky summer itches closing in, even the sharpest keys won’t come to your aid. If you are tired of straining your joints and testing your body anatomy to reach unthinkable limits into the hard-to-reach itchy areas of your body, then do not waver your attention form this article for one second. As the answers to all your itches and scratchy yearnings are going to be put to rest. Yes, in this article we will be reviewing the top 10 scratchers to find out the best retractable back scratcher. Follow along!


Reviewing Top 10 scratchers to find The Best Retractable Back Scratcher


#1 Snowyee Backscratcher, For Men and Women, 3PCS – Bearclaw, Hand, and Eagle Claw Kit

Starting off with the best there is in the market. Snowyee lets you tame your itch in a three-piece set of retractable scratcher. You can buy the whole set or even different variants. To take care of all irritations, Snowyee has introduced different claws, hand-claw that imitates your own hand, eagle-claw for extra coverage and sharpness, and the good old bear claw for the nastiest of irritations.

The best part? It is retractable. The stick can extend to 26.78” and is 7.84” when closed. Which makes it easy to carry around in your pocket. The sturdy metal makes the claws sharp, and it stays that way, unlike the wooden ones. The reliable snap extension and non-swivel design are worth all your money.


  • Adequate sharpness of claws.
  • Retractable can reach anywhere.
  • Long-Lasting and sturdy structure.
  • Different claw designs for different needs.


  • Leave slight marks when scratched.
  • Needs some getting used to.


#2Neopoo’s Backscratcher for Men, Women, Adults – Stainless Steel 2PCS

The second product on our list is yet another stainless-steel beauty. It comes in a 2 Piece set, which includes a Rake shape and a Bearclaw. The steel structure has a solid built and is coated with a soft silicone handle that maintains grip. It won’t slip from your hand while reaching for hard to get places.

The retractable design is quite impressive as well. The structure measures 8.28” when closed and 22.65” when fully extended. Integrations adjust to any length the user desires, and you will no longer ask other people to scratch the sweet spot.

Don’t worry, unlike wooden scratcher, these retractable ones are in the real sense. And won't go dull even after vigorous use.


  • Handles have a firm grip.
  • Stainless steel body won't rust.
  • Extendable design
  • Pocket and travel friendly.


  • Claw is very sharp.
  • It cannot be used directly on the skin.

#3 Backscratcher by Aznrszy, For Men and Women- 2Pack Stainless Steel Hand Massagers


This piece comes with a wooden and stainless-steel twist. It has a solid built and a telescopic handle to go with it. The rack claw is quite extensive and covers a generous area. Adding to it, there are 7 teeth that won't dull with use. These are sharp yet gentle to the skin and does an excellent job easing any itch you may have. Even kids can utilize this product, as it is safe. 

The scratcher is telescopic and can extend to 20”. While when not in use, the device measures 7”. You can even fit it in your pant pockets, to keep yourself always scratch-free.This scratcher is a multi-purpose wonder too. A massager steel ball can ease any tense muscle in no time.


  • Massager and scratcher in one stick.
  • Compact design is travel friendly.
  • Rust-proof material.
  • Non-swiveling head.


  • No design variants
  • Snaps close when force is applied.

#4 RENOOK Back Scratcher, 2-Piece, Natural Bamboo Wood.


For all the wood fanatics, here’s a wonderful itch-free option for you. Simple from afar, this bamboo stick is full of surprises. First off, the all-natural bamboo is quite sturdy and flexible. These are handcrafted, and each piece is having a unique wooden essence to it. 

Furthermore, the stick is quite lengthy and can reach those hard to get places without wasting much effort. Bamboo RENOOK scratcher match the natural hand-scratching, all because of its innovative head. The claw has a curved design and engravings that match your finders. Which are sharp, yet comfortable on the skin at the same time.


  • Flexible and sturdy natural material.
  • Tail has a hole to benefit storage.
  • Hand-shaped claw, like actual scratching of hand.
  • Wood is sharp yet goes easy on the skin.


  • It cannot be retracted to different lengths.
  • Will wear away with vigorous use and time.


#5 VASTOOLS Large Telescopic Back scratcher 3-Pack, Metal Extendable


VASTOOLS has also got something for your nasty itch needs. It’s a 3-pack set with a fancy bag to smooth any itchy tingling. The structure is crowned by a wide curved head that measures 51mm. It can also extend and retract, with the maximum length being 24” and the minimum being, 7”. Not only does this make it easily portable, but it can adjust to any length to reach any itchy area.

To support the steel frame and your scratching speed, this retractable scratcher comes with a frosted rubber handle to add grip. Available in three different colors, VASTOOLS has put many nasty itches to rest.


  • Extendable design, adjusting capacity.
  • 3 pieces in one set, more for the family.
  • Wide claw covers render greater area itch-free.
  • Non-slip handle maximizes grip.


  • Teeth are too sharp for direct skin contact.
  • Less sturdy breaks when a greater force is applied.

#6 AKUNSZ Back Scratcher – Bamboo design Scratcher and Massager


This non-retractable back scratcher is a wooden wonder worthy of our list of the best retractable back scratcher. Why? Well, a wooden multi-purpose massager and scratcher are hard to miss. It measures 16.9”, that is enough to get to any tough itchy spot.

AKUSNZ is crafted from African Wenge Wood, which is known for its sturdiness and solid built.It will not splinter or break under high forces applied during scratching. The overall stick comes with curved indentations, which adds to having a firm grip. But it also serves as a massaging tool for your tired and tense muscles. The claw mimics a human hand and provides a gentle scratch to achieve ultimate Zen.


  • Multi-purpose.
  • The attractive showpiece, not just a back scratcher.
  • The Head mimics natural scratching.
  • Sturdy built.


  • Not a retractable back scratcher.
  • Claw not sharp and gets blunt with time.

#7 Back scratcher by Aznrszy for Adults, Men and Women


This retractable back scratcher is constructed from stainless steel and backed by a wooden anti-slip handle. It comes in a sweet little Burlap bag, which keeps it clean and presentable if you gift it. It is a retractable back scratcher measuring 6.9” when closed and 20” when fully extended.

The broad 2.1" head is quite sharp and bent to benefit maximum itch coverage for the user. The retractable adjustment lengths stay put when faced with added pressures from forceful scratching. It doesn’t only satisfy an itch but manages to head and neck stiffness as well. The steel ball at the end is great to ease tension and promote blood circulation.


  • The wooden handle is quite sturdy.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Wider claw covers more surface area.
  • Telescopic design aids in reaching desired lengths.


  • It does not have variable claw designs.
  • It can be too sharp for some individuals.

#8 3X UNIS Telescopic Stainless-Steel Backscratcher – Black 3 Pack


Another rack shaped retractable back scratcher offering to ease any itchy area on your body. It comes in a vast range of color choices for you to choose from. This retractable back scratcher is fashioned from high-quality stainless-steel, provided to you in a pack of three.

This retractable back scratcher can be extended from 7.5” to 26.5”. The length can adjust in between to aid people to reach the sweet spot of itch. TO maintain your grip on to the scratcher, its coated with rubber to prevent it from slipping once you apply force.

The head is quite wide, with multiple spaced sharp teeth to cover extensive irritable areas.


  • Stainless-steel body does not accumulate rust.
  • Wide rack-claw covers a greater area in one go
  • 4 different tints variations.
  • The telescopic design adjusts to your liking.
  • Anti-Slip grip.


  • Scratching end bends when force is applied.
  • Comes apart easily.


#9 Wide Telescopic Back Scratcher By ATB, Extendable


Even after viewing all other items, your itchy areas are quite a lot to handle, then try the retractable back scratcher by ATB. Available in bright and attractive colors, this telescopic back scratcher is made from durable and trusted stainless-steel, back by a rubber-coated handle and an enamel-coated wide claw.

ATB retractable back scratcher can extend up to 25” and is available in two different sizes for you to choose from. The clawed head is the widest of them all and carried multiple teeth evenly spaced throughout.  It measures 6” and covers a great deal of surface area. No more aimless jabs at locating the origin of your itch.


  • Wide scratching claw covers a significant amount of space.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Telescopic extendable design.
  • Firm hold through the anti-slip grip.


  • Telescoping does not lock in place.
  • Breaks after some time of use.

#10Mudder 4 Piece Back Scratcher with Carrying Bag – Black


The last in line is a 4 Piece pack carried in a small flannelette carrying bag. It is a retractable back scratcher whose minimum length is 7.87," and maximum length is 26.77". The stick can be adjusted to different lengths and provides you with 5 separate segments to play around with. 

It has a curved and sharp Rack-shaped claw that has widely spaced teeth fashioned on to it. It can be used by anyone itching to reach difficult areas. The claw is also quite extensive, having dimensions 2.36". This covers a generous amount of surface area in one go. The telescopic design has a rubber coating at the end to aid the user’s grip.


  • Added bag aids storage and portability.
  • PVC Handle aids grip.
  • The telescopic design adjusts to desired lengths.
  • Durable material.


  • It comes apart when used frequently.
  • It does not lock in place nicely.


Buyer’s Guide to Relieve All Itches

If your itching to know what makes a high ranked retractable back scratcher, then this section is of utmost importance. There are some factors that we utilized to rank and review the best retractable backscratcher.

  • Retractability

The best feature a back scratcher can have is retractability. Look for an extendable design that adjusts to different lengths to suit your scratching needs. The best retractable back scratcher will have the ability to withstand forces and lock at different lengths. Otherwise,an extension wouldn’t be of much use.

Wooden scratcher are great too, but add less to comfort, as you end up stretching and tensing your muscles again to achieve freedom from your itchiness.

  • Material

A strong, durable material, preferably stainless steel, is one to opt for if you are in search of the best. These don’t bend or snap apart.

Wooden scratcher wear away with time and lose their sharpness.

  • Claws

The essential part of any retractable back scratcher is its head. A sharp yet non-injurious claw is the one you should be looking for. Such as the scratcher mentioned first. Moreover, if you are purchasing a set, try to set your eyes on something that offers you variety. Its no one fits all situation in back scratcher. Every scratch is different and has a unique need attached to it.

  • Grip

A good retractable massager will have either a rubberized or silicone grip or a sturdy wooden one. Never go for plain handles, as they tend to slip when you try to put pressure while scratching.

  • Bonus Points

Look for something that offers you a reliable product along with the side perks as well. We always stan for added massager bead at the endor a soft flannelette, which allows you to gift it to your loved ones.

  • Avoiding Bits

Always steer clear of swiveling and rotating heads. These will never satisfy your irritating itches. And will only manage to frustrate you more.Swiveling heads will also leave your muscles tense due to the improper distribution of forces.



The best retractable back scratcher adds to your comfort. This is because it plays a pretty big role in people's lives who have hindered movement, be it due to any reason. If you want an end to those itchy sticky itches, do consider the choices we have presented in this article. As all of these excel at what they do, with the best one being the retractable back scratcher by Snowyee. Snowyee’s model has everything you expect from a quality scratcher. The claws are sharp, come in different designs and can reach all the hard-to-reach areas of the body. Plus, it is durable enough to last a long time. We highly recommend it. That’s about it. Till next time!


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