In today’s connected world, it’s becoming less and less necessary to work from a fixed location like an office. For many jobs, as long as you have an internet connection, you can get your work done. Because of this, working remotely is a growing phenomenon. It’s easier than ever to work from anywhere you want, and it’s easier than ever to find a job that will enable you to do so.

The best jobs for remote work are ones that can be done entirely online. Software development leads the pack, but any job that can be done virtually, such as design, marketing, and content writing, will work. Another popular route to becoming a remote worker is building your own online business or freelance career. Of course, this option is riskier, but it can be worth it if you’re driven and have a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

These days, there are a lot of resources for job seekers looking for a position that offers the flexibility of remote work. Dedicated job boards such as Remotive, We Work Remotely, and are great places to start your search. AngelList also has a lot of remote job listings; just make sure you filter your job search to only include companies that offer remote work.

Thanks to the industry’s focus on decentralization, cryptocurrency jobs are more likely to offer the flexibility of working remotely. (They’re also more likely to pay you a higher-than-average salary). Many companies have fully distributed teams, meaning team members are able to work from anywhere they choose. Other companies may have partially distributed teams with a combination of fixed offices and distributed team members.

Because of the growing number of people working remotely, there are also a lot of resources and places to discuss the remote lifestyle. Some remote workers use the ability to work from anywhere to travel full-time. With so much of the world connected to the internet, remote workers can take their jobs with them all over the world. Sites like Nomad List can help you find the best cities to work from, while places like the /r/DigitalNomad subreddit are great for discussion and advice.

Mandatory quarantine requirements in much of the world due to COVID-19 have led to many companies experimenting with remote work for the first time, meaning more openness and interest in remote work from the employers’ side. With remote work becoming more common every day, it’s easier than ever to find a remote job. If you’re looking for the flexibility of a remote job, it’s a great time to make the leap.

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