People at occasions and celebrations tend to get confused and annoyed while deciding over what to pick as gifts, which can be fit for every occasion and festival or which could be the universal choice for everyone. It is surely a tough call to make and the appropriate gift to choose.
And there is one surprising gift element I have curated for you all that you can choose to present it to your family, friends and even relatives. A gift that never disappoints. Yes, you got me right, it is ‘wine’. I have myself experienced and discovered the feeling of gifting wine to my friends and family at several occasions. But you know why I have chosen the wine as a gift? No! Let me help you out with your miseries and confusion.

In addition, there is plethora of options available on internet, depending upon the budget and your taste preferences. Each has its unique textures, taste and quality. Preferred by people on different occasions, formal parties & events, casual hangouts and get togethers. Here are the reasons I have curated for you to get on the conclusion that why the idea of gifting a wine is an amazing idea.

1. Easily get consumed
During all the festivities or several occasions, you can invite your friends or gift a wine who whether are drinkers or teetotaller. Exchanging gifts like these can never calling dust on the shelf. You can make someone’s Christmas or New year super awesome without even spending 2000 INR.

2. Wine – Budget Friendly Gift
Money, while gifting wine can never be a major constraint. It offers anyhow all the possible options in the list, satisfying your pockets.
Sura, Myra, Charosa, Four seasons, York, Grover Kampa and lot more.

  • These above-mentioned brands are easily available in the markets or online
  • Affordable as they start from the prices 500 and above.
  • Premium wine brands that are equally popular all over India
  • Options are well-suited for occasions
  • Blended with wonderful taste and textures and aroma
  • 3. Wine – Builds a healthy relationship bond!
    Is there something better option than wine to celebrate long-lasting bonds. Moreover, consuming wine makes the body warm and soul full with positive vibes. It makes everybody happier and adds the joviality to the celebration. So, cheers to happy times ahead.

    4.Mark of grandeur
    Gifting wine is a sign of grandeur and leaves an impression of royalty. It hardly matters how much you spend on a wine, gifting a wine is itself a right and wise choice. Incredible wide range of choices, prestigious sparkling wines and vintages.

    And those who receive your gift will no doubt will cherish the evening.

    Along with this, this would be the best option to go, if you believe in recycling.

    And if the person is a non – alcoholic then he can pass it on to somebody else.

    5. Easy to wrap – It hardly takes 5 minutes to give a bottle of a wine a new & crafty look. Just remove the price tag, roll the ribbon around the neck of the bottle, put it or not put it in a bag is highly a choice. Lastly, offer it to the recipient. Simple!

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