I'm your host Julie Mack and I'm in Bozeman Montana I'm going to be catching up with arason Antonucci burns with aspire Realty but first I'm going to take you on an inside look tour of one of her new listings this is a four bedroom three and a half bath it's just on 5.2 acres now I don't know about you guys but I'm ready to get inside come with me we first enter the house you are created by an absolutely gorgeous living room [Music] the kitchen is one of my favorite places to check out and this kitchen is awesome [Music] now this is fun this is truly a one-of-a-kind man tree so this is library this is the top lot now this is the deal I'm gonna fill up this tub and I'm gonna freshen up so that means that you have to leave like you really have to leave can you imagine waking up to this view every morning so exiting the master bedroom you head down this corridor for there are two other bedrooms [Music] okay so now we're going to head downstairs to the game room this is where a lot of family fun and action takes place now this lower level is so full of fun [Music] [Applause] the other thing I forgot to mention everything that you're seeing in this estate is negotiable now the theater room everybody loves a theater room they have a great television but if you're needing something a little bigger and a little bit more relaxed you go to the big screen [Music] but the tour must continue [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] there is a volt bathroom now this is the last bedroom in the house now for those days when you can't exercise outside you can't go to the slopes here you have your own gym [Applause]!

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[Music] you know what I think Error sincere let's go so really cool interesting fact about Ariston is that she's been a real estate agent for over 15 years here in the Gallatin Valley so when it comes to understanding the people and the property around Bozeman she really does have you covered Harrison the woman of the hour you weren't joking when you said this was a very unique property in your opinion what is really important for the viewers to know about it well first and foremost it's one of the most incredible properties that ever had the opportunity of selling this features over 5,000 square feet it has a creek running through it it's private and serene all you have to do is just stop and listen and nature will speak for itself so I'm Julie I'm kind of over the tour right now so why don't we just have some s'mores here I'm down for it yeah well listen thank you so much for going along with this tour for us we look forward to seeing you guys next time yes thank you show me the marshmallows yes [Music] you [Music]

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