After discussion with furniture making experts and understanding their need Amulya Mica decided to provide wider width for Amulya WPC. This PVC/ WPC board comes with a width of 6 feet and its length can be tailored as per your need. However right now it comes in a standard size of 6 feet by 9 feet. Because of this size advantage - it gives you a major advantage in terms of reducing the cost of making furniture owing to zero wastage of panel during cutting. It gives you 12-20% benefit on material cost only as the number of joints are also reduced significantly.
Amulya PVC boards comes with following advantages:
1. 6 feet wide board 1st time in India
2. 100% waterproof PVC Board
3. Termite and Pest proof PVC Board
4. Fire retardant PVC Board
5. High screw holding capacity PVC Board
6. Lead Free PVC Board
7. Corrosion resistant PVC Board
8. Light weight PVC Board
9. Impact resistance PVC Board
10. Environment Friendly PVC Board
11. Multiple applications
12. Easy installation
13. Anti-Fungal/ Anti-Bacterial PVC Board
14. Easy to saw and cut
15. Easy for lamination
16. Life Time Warranty PVC Board
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Amulya Mica is a government recognized Star export house, a renowned name in the Indian Laminates Industry and is emerging as one of the major players in the global market with it’s presence in more than 20 countries and boast of more than 70 distributors, 3000 dealers and a sales team of 150+ Pan India.