Technology is continuously evolving, and with evolution, the digital marketing landscape is also changing. In this post, we’ll focus on some of the best practices in digital marketing in 2020.

So, before we begin, you may ask, what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing means the use of digital mediums to market and grow your business. These digital marketing mediums include search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media, pay per click (PPC), affiliate, and mobile marketing, etc. Here are some of the best digital marketing strategies or tactics that you can use to grow and upsell.

  1. Conversational Marketing and Chatbots

Conversational marketing uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology; this technology features everything from customer feedback to email marketing. Moreover, it helps customers to connect with your product or services.

The use of chatbots is a terrific way for conversational marketing and get things started. The automated bots will handle the conversation 24/7, and you don’t have to be always online to talk and respond to the customers. Moreover, chatbots can help you in getting more information from the prospects, and they make targeted marketing way easy.

  1. Video Marketing

Video marketing means that you record and edit a video to serve a specific purpose for your business, like gather leads. We are not talking about YouTube here; although it is one of the best video hosting platforms, there are other platforms as well.

You can place your video content on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. Video marketing is fun because it attracts and engages customers quickly as compared to other digital marketing mediums. So, you can use video marketing to upsell and grow your business.

  1. Social Media Commerce

We all are familiar with social media marketing, and we know that it is the best place to drive traffic towards your website, connect with your potential customers, and create brand awareness. But do you know that you can use social media to sell your products?

These social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are extremely popular for purchasing the products. As per the Forbes survey, 72 percent of Instagram users used the Instagram app to make their purchase. So, why wait? Create your Instagram shoppable post now and upsell your products.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing means selling your products via emails, and in 2020 if you’re not doing email marketing, trust us, you’re doing it wrong. Email marketing involves creating a list of user emails; you can gather emails by using opt-in forms or popups on your website.

Create a list, use email marketing tools like SendInBlue, MailChimp, or GetResponse to send emails to your potential customers telling them about different products and services. You can use these tools to track the performance of your email marketing campaigns.


Technology is evolving, and as a digital marketer or a business owner, you need to keep yourself updated with the technology and best practices. Digital marketing practices will allow you to boost your business and become a successful businessman.

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