Suppliers are an important pillar in any organization. Success depends on efficient and effective ways of procurement functions. Today purchasers interact with vendors from across the globe to meet the growing demands from new markets.

Here, let's discuss supplier management, its advantages, and its best practices:

What is supplier management?

In simple words, we can say; supplier management is useful to keep and build healthy relationships with vendors. This incorporates every transaction, discussion with vendors, contract dealings to report sharing, and meetings to talk about current sales and analytics. It deals with every interaction with your suppliers.

A big part of vendor management is to share data that would profit you and your vendors. Good supplier management software can automate functions.

Let's see why you should use supplier portal solutions in your business:

Build connections:

Vendors provide products that you can guarantee your clients, making this a significant relationship. Additionally, you can even provide them with an option of how their products are performing; it helps them show signs of improvements by taking care of their clients' needs.

This is beneficial to you and your vendors. Additionally, with good supplier management software, all you need is just a supplier portal solution, which can help enhance the relationship.


Considering your vendors' effect on your business is important that you stay in touch with them. You might need to handle at least one or more vendors. Exchanging emails can sometimes be very exhausting. To make this helpful, you can have a vendor self-service portal. Using it, you can easily exchange information about applications, arrange costs, keep up with quality checks, and get updates of deliveries, simple and quick.

Secure your brand's reputation:

When you do supplier management correctly, you can transform those vendors into partners and help you promote your brand. Simultaneously, they can bring various other vendors to work with you. It will expand your network and successfully grow your business. Vendor portal software can help with this and also helps you with saving data processing costs.

Minimize risk:

In this competitive market, it is important that you and your vendors understand each other's qualities. It needs good communication. If you treat your vendor with much regard, just like your clients, there are fewer chances of having problems. The simple method to do this is to use a supplier management portal so that there is no extent of miscommunication.

Going further, let's discuss the best practices if supplier management:

Selecting suppliers:

Selecting the correct partner is something that everybody knows. It can change your business. The perfect business partner will give you financial adaptability, dedication, and you can rely on them to maintain the quality of the product.

Using the RFI function of supplier management software, the procurement team can request the required data from vendors and easily select and onboard vendors.

Two-way connection:

It is a good practice to communicate effectively with your suppliers. It can be anything from brainstorming thoughts to grow your business or any random thing. This thing helps you to have a long term relationship with them. A good vendor management portal with a vendor login portal helps you to streamline the two-way communication between you and your vendors.

Vendor Management Portal:

Effective communication is uncertain in most situations. But, with meetings or emails, they become very effortless. Here, the vendor management portal can prove to be very useful. It handles the complex and also the least difficult tasks. It associates the correct products with the correct vendors. This helps to easily connect the correct vendor for the correct item.


Following these three vendor management best practices will help you to build long-lasting relationships with your vendors. This, in turn, will help you to enhance your business and serve your customers better.

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