Political science is an ever-evolving subject. Its study is imperative to understand the global and national political landscape, strategies and policies. It involves not only the study of current political players but also tackles the historical events. The political philosophies of the nation depend on multiple factors including national behaviours, national identity, population demographic and f geographic landscape.

Understanding these factors is essential in devising the overall political strategy. As for students understanding crucial pillars of the political science holds immense importance.  There are 6 major pillars of political science.

  1. Political philosophy and normative political theory
  2. Political identities and political behaviour
  3. Political economy
  4. Political institution
  5. Political methodology
  6. Security, Peace and conflict

These pillars or sub-fields combine to shape political science as an indigenous subject. For political science students at the higher educational level, understanding the basics of these subject is not only important but also holds key value to make their research work a success. These 6 subjects can generate multiple innovative ideas for dissertation topics.

Political science dissertation topics discussed in this article belong to different domains of the subject. These topics will either help you to devise your research topic or you can choose one of them to do your dissertation on. We will consider multiple sub-domains and multiple topics in each sub-domain.

Political philosophy and normative political theory dissertation ideas

This field of political science is concerned with the development of a philosophical argument about the morality, standards and purpose of both political actors as well as political institutions. The subject caters to the prudence of leaders, regimes and institutions. Multiple theories have been globally implemented and study of these theories, their impact and success are the basics of this subject. There are multiple opportunities for students to decide a political science dissertation topic from normative political theory.

  1. Implications of contrasting beliefs in political institutions.
  2. The impact of gender diversity in governing bodies.
  3. How the US impacted global politics. A review of impact and implications.

Political behaviour and identity

This field of political science deals with the collective and individual behaviours, attitude and beliefs. It also deals with the public opinion, the orientation of opinion, election and voting behaviours, mass movements, political parties, interest groups and various kinds of political manipulation as well as action.

  1. Why political transparency is essential for a fair society.
  2. The impact of the two-party political system in a democratic setup.
  3. The positives and negatives of the single-party political system.
  4. Election and voting routes in a single-party political system in the modern era.

Political Economy

The subject is focused to study the impact of political policies on the market trends and business environment of countries and regions. It makes use of analytical tools as well as statistics to study the impact of political policies on the regional, local and international trade. Following dissertation topics in this subject represents tremendous research opportunity.

  1. How business landscape across the US changes in the reign of Democrats.
  2. The impact of Republican President from the US impact international trade on the United States.
  3. The impact of government change on business trends in developing countries.

Security, Peace and Conflict

The subject deals with the global and regional tensions and conflicts amongst nations due to territory or ideology.

  1. The impact of Kashmir conflict on regional peace of Indian subcontinent.
  2. How the Iranian nuclear program is a peace threat to the world.

These dissertation topics are a great resource but as a student, it is always wise to select a research topic that intrigues you.


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