By this time, many of you might have visited Sydney. But, have you ever asked yourself about what things to do in Sydney? If not yet, then nothing to worry about. Today I am here to discuss that. All of us know that Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest cities. It is best known for its harbourfront Sydney Opera House, which has a vigilant sail-like design. It is something which is always at the top of the preference list of visitors.
Below are a few of the most exciting places to visit.

Exploring hottest neighborhoods in Sydney

Sydney is divided into distinct regions, where each one of them with has its own character. However, the majority of the attractions can be found in or around the Circular Quay area, right by the harbor. This place is located right in the city center.
The Rocks are the first European settlement in Australia. This is now a historic cobbled village full of heritage buildings. Here, the travelers can come and visit just by moving north along the water. Sydney Harbour Bridge and stroll across can be accessed from here.

Climb the bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge started its journey in 1932. It has also been nicknamed "the coathanger." Any holidaymaker can walk or cycle across the bridge.
Initially, it was an engineering masterpiece that was way ahead of its time.
For walking or cycling along the bridge, there are a few options, starting with the easy "Taster" tour. This beginner pack takes 1.5 hours to trace the lower, inside the arc. Along with that, there are even more comprehensive expeditions. These include dawn and sunset climbs, with musical performances from local musicians at the summit, 440 feet above the harbor.

Take a walking tour of Dharawal National Park

This place is located on a distance of sixty minutes from Sydney’s CBD. Dharawal National Park has stunning scenery. This was mainly till recently when public access to the bushland was restricted. Now one can enjoy guided tours of the park every second Saturday of the month.

Picnic in Centennial Park

Centennial Park is an oasis, quite close to the CBD. It serves as an excellent place for arranging a picnic. In addition to that, one can also enjoy Sydney’s lush oasis of ponds, grassy hills, and woodlands.
Initially, the park began as a public open space in the year 1888. The park was then the venue for the inauguration of Federation in 1901. A dedicated cycle and rollerblading track is also there as well as the opportunity to go horse riding.


All I have tried to do here is to help travelers and holidaymakers. I have tried to make their lives a lot easier. Certainly, there are other different places in there which are no less than those listed in the article. Those places also don’t fail to mesmerize the visitors. But it is highly likely that they may not have the time on their hand to visit all of those places. Hence I have tried to help them out by jotting down some of the most exciting places to make their trip to Sydney appealing.

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