1.Go Underwater
If your girl enjoys adventure sports, there’s no better way to win her heart than taking her for scuba diving at Lakshadweep or the Andamans. Underwater proposals can be super fun and absolutely unexpected! Just make sure that your loved one is not struggling underwater and is obviously a trained swimmer.

2.On a road trip
road trips are romantic and if you can take up the challenge take your loved one to the highest altitude probably in ladakh and pool off your proposal there it will surely leave them into splits . just Make sure that you check the weather before going down on one knee – you don’t want your moment marred by heavy snowfall or landslide!

3.Fin a Log Cabin in Landour
If you want a spectacular view to set the scene for your romantic gesture but she finds beauty in simplicity you can’t go wrong with Landour! This little town just above Mussoorie will leave her asking for more.

4.Hot air Balloon ride in Jaipur
Fancy a hot-air balloon is something you should try many resorts offer that all you have to do is to book a hot air balloon ride above the resort for extra brownie points and save the question for when you’re cozied up in the air!

Goa tops the list of places for romantic proposals. Imagine yourself as you kneel in the sand with the picture-perfect backdrop of an orange-pink sunset and the sound of waves gently lapping the shore in the background.

6.Amidst in the valley of flowers
Die-hard romantics are known to give a flower or a bunch of flowers to their girl on every occasion to celebrate. Picture yourself asking her to marry you, while surrounded by the most beautiful flowers at the valley of flowers.

7.At the Nehru Planetarium in New Delhi
you can manage to sneak in without hoards of school kids on excursions, the Nehru Planetarium is absolutely magical. It’s the closest you will come to being close to the stars while still being in Delhi.

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