Massage shops in Korea have been a popular option for tourists in recent years. Tourists flock to these massage shops, which are often found in small and trendy inns along the country's famous theme parks. Here are some of the best massage shops in Korea.
I'm not sure if this is true, but I think I've seen this on TV before. Apparently there are massage shops in Korea, selling toys to their customers. Apparently the owners of these massage shops don't care what is in their best interest: selling toys to their customers. They go around flaunting their vagina-shaped chairs at tourist destinations and flaunt their models at fashion shows. What a scandal!

This may be true, but I have to think that the owners of Korean massage shops know what they're doing better than anyone else. They probably took lessons from their Swedish massage therapists and made a point to have some customer testimonials. This would definitely be a good first step. These guys must be getting a lot of good feedback, because most tourists who visit these places are impressed by the service and the atmosphere of these luxurious Swedish massage therapists. It's no wonder they're selling toys to their customers; they're making a lot of money!
A few days later, I get another tip from an acquaintance in the Seoul Metropolitan Region, and I find myself wondering whether the rumors are true or not. 스웨디시 He says that one of the biggest massage shops in Korea is situated in Jiri Park, and that the owner seems to be a millionaire. I make my way to Jiri Park and sure enough there's a huge multi-store mall with a casino on its main floor, and a big hotel with lots of rooms on the other floors. On each floor, there are massage therapists practicing and showing off their Swedish massage techniques. Jiri Park jang-myung is just north of the OSBORA tower, and Jiri Shopping complex is within walking distance of OSBORA. So it seems that there could be some truth to the rumors, or this could all just be a ploy to increase footfall in Jiri Park, which is very popular with the tourists.
After going through the local guides in Seoul, I still can't make up my mind as to what the real story is behind these massage parlors in Jiri-gan, and the rumors that have gone around. One thing I noticed about the massage therapist in Jiri-gan, near the OSBORA Tower is that he had on a black outfit, like a Chinese detective, with a bag over his shoulder. This person indeed had his back towards me when we were talking in Jiri-gan, and he looked like he was ready to take a shot of hot chat (which is actually against the law in Korea, as penetration of a human being without full knowledge and consent is considered an illegal act). But when I asked him how he could perform such a "hot chat", he told me that he had been doing this for many years, and no one had ever complained. Apparently he has quite a number of satisfied customers, and was not willing to give the information of his customers to anyone, including those who may be searching for information about Jiri-gan hot talk.
If you are planning to visit Seoul, and you want to experience the best of Korean massage and hot talk, then you should definitely visit Park Jeong-cheon, which is right next to OSBORA Tower. I really enjoyed my time there and think that you will too. The best time to visit there is in the evening, as there are less people visiting the area during the day. You will be able to find
some really good massage shops in Jiri-gan, and find the best spas in the city with a little bit of research. Make sure to bring your camera, as pictures tend to speak a thousand words, and who knows, you may get lucky and meet your future husband or wife there!

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