Android smartphones have made the common man’s life easy by providing what Apple iPhones couldn’t provide. Each phone has its own authenticity and its unique identity but Android smartphones have acted as an impetus for greater Android software and their versions. Apps have definitely made our life easier.

1. Google Play:

The most famous marketplace for best apps in town, it’s a default application in all the android phones and is the most trustable app in the whole world. Google Play has amazing user interface and has a lot of categories ranging from movie apps to game apps. And a lot of them are for free. A majority of people use Google Play store and it is the equivalent of App Store.

2. GetAPK Market

GetAPK Market is another such app where it allows you to download some of the best android apps in the world. Users all over the world can explore the best of the apps you can ever use.
It offers a wide range of apps like great and high rated games and entertainment apps. One big advantage of this app is you can find a lot of apps quite easily. It is perfect for game addicts on the android phones.

3. Handago

Handago is another great website and can also serve as a nice alternative for Google Play. You can get free and as well as paid games and apps if you want to download in your android phones. You can also shop those apps you wish to buy. For all the users out there, you have to checkout this place for the best service of apps to download and who are looking for a Google Play alternative.

4. Mobo Market

Mobo market is one such android app website where you can find a lot of apps available. It is also one of the best places to download apps in Android smartphones. It offers millions of apps and games to choose from, some of the high rated and the best games are available here and are extremely easy and safe to download. If you check out their website, you are sure to fall in love with it. This is another great Google Play store alternative if you don’t want to use Google Play o if you somehow don’t have access to it.

It’s an amazing website to download some of the best set of apps!

5. Slide Me

One of the greatest place you can ever go for, Slide Me is an amazing choice second to Google Play, you would find numerous apps ready on the shelf to be downloaded and it’s an amazing website., It provides apps based on your needs and suggests the perfect apps for your device. One of the biggest advantage is you can download any app for free. You can find the best of lifestyle, education, games, news apps all under one roof.

6. Get Android stuff

Well, we all know how irritating it is to go through any hindrances during our downloading processes of any apps we like. But in this website, Get Android stuff, it is an amazing pick to download the apps we desire. This is because it doesn’t allow any ads and thus providing us hassle frees service. A great alternative to Google Play store if you don’t have access to it.

7. App Brain
App Brain is another website built for the sole purpose of download Android Apps in your android phone. It has apps which are known for enhancing your critical thinking and enhancing your brain’s concentration. It is a great website because it is one such app store where even the specially challenged can also use it to play games and more. It is a great initiative and that is why it is in our list of the best places to download apps in Android phones.

There are a lot of places where we can download huge amounts of apps which can range from daily use to games played by teens, children and others. Also, some of the other great websites other than these are Appolicious, Apps Apk, Phandroid, Appatalism and a lot more. Google Play store is the best among all those because you name any app and you will find a thousand to two thousand search suggestions. It is the best place to download apps in Android phones.

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Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur