What really tends to test user’s patience is the loading speed of any business web page online. So if your web design lacks the feature, it’s important to look for various tools to test it immediately. Performance and speed are the primary factors that a website should critically acclaim of.

It might be a good idea to test your site several times before you can get a better picture of the speed issues. Here is the list of few types of software available for website design experts as mention:

• Pingdom Tool: This is a reliable website testing tool, which enables monitoring the service online. It provides you various reports such as collapse of how each web page objects. It includes images, Java script libraries and style sheets that take time to download and perform better for browsing caching. It also provides report for page analysis, which includes information on load time, requests and page size.

• Page Speed Online: It is the customized adaption of Google chrome’s latest web development browser extension. The page speed helps you in analyzing the performance of your site under Google’s web performance practice. One can consistently gain reliable information from the tool as it also includes reporting for mobile devices under better performance.

• Free Online website Performance Test: This testing tool widely focuses on speed and performance of your site. It offers web design experts to monitor load testing and monitoring services, which provides better information on web page’s speed. It also looks out for page’s average speed, loading time, total page weight and the number of page objects. It successfully pings the locations on your web page in order to get a global view of performance.

• Load Faster Website: With the help of this tool one can compare the loading time of two website. Using this tool, you can easily analyze that Google loads faster than Bing. This open source tool was originally launched in order to promote the importance of website performance.

• The web Page Test: This clever tool helps testing your webpage, which helps render proper speed of web browsers. The tool gives a conduct of choice to test from various locations around the globe. It is logically set at advanced level with various options to stimulate the internet connection speed. It provides ad-blocking which can considerably block the performance of running costs.

Choose a reliable option among various tools available at low cost or for free. Make a consistent change in the way your site performs for better returns worldwide.

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