Looking for the company that offers best sporting goods and accessories at very affordable cost as per defined specifications, I am here to sort out your problem because I have found a company that manufactures and supplies various sporting equipment as per the given specification of different games championships. Bhalla International – designs complete range of advanced and innovative sports accessories including Agility and Speed Training Equipments, Athletic Track Accessories, Athletic –Field Equipment, Balloon Balls of various materials and colours, Basketball Accessories, Beach Toys for kids and youths, Board Games for children, Boxing Equipments, Coaching Clipboards, Football and Soccer Accessories, Gymnastic Equipment, Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment, Mats of different colors for different purposes, Primary Education Accessories, Primary Sports Equipment for your kids, Referee Accessories, Badminton Accessories and Table Tennis Table Equipments.

Company manufacturer different types of primary educational accessories including educational mats for teaching students about fruits name, animals name, various objects names, vegetables names with their pictures. Number-1 exporter of sports accessories and primary educational equipments supplies colourful educharts of alphabetic, vegetables name, fruits names, animals name and charts for time-n-clock, map-n-capital, geometric shapes, week-n-seasons. The primary supplier of education quiz charts for fruits names, alphabets, animals name, time-n-clock and designs play-n-learn boards for teaching students. Company designs a huge range of colorful educational beans with names and pictures of various objects including vegetables, fruits, transports signs, sea animals and animals.

Company offers a wide range of fun games for kids and youths including colourful flying disks, balls, hoops, balloons, foot bags, chess board, ludo, snakes, ladders, crossword, TIC TAC TOE, cricket score book, carrom board, skipping rope of different material and colours.

Company not only supplies complete range of sports equipment but also manufacture a large range of field accessories including discus cage, hammer cage, discus and hammer cage, discus throwing cage, field carts for javelin, starting block, discus-shot-javelin cart, finish post, victory stand, pole vault box, take-off board system, fiber stop board and many more.

The best thing about this company is that they manufacture everything under one company and they have an experience of more than 54 years that shows its huge achievement in the field of sports strategic market. Company has achieved SA 8000:2000 and ISO 9001:2008 BSI certificates for exporting quality spots accessories all around the world and it have 63+ IAAF certified athletics equipment and achieved certification for No-1 official supplier of athletics federation of India. Company received awards for exporting excellence sporting goods and highest export of branded goods from Sports Goods Export Promotion Council sponsored by Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

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