Paraphrasing Tools for Academic

Paraphrasing is the ability to receive, understand, synthesize and express information in an original way. The ability to paraphrase, whether orally, visually, or in writing, is directly related to how well you understand the material. It also has to do with skill. Formal language - full sentences, correct punctuation, capital letters, etc. - is disappearing in modern communication. Texting, Twitter, the use of emoticons, and a penchant for shortcuts make modern communication more efficient, but perhaps less complete. Regardless, this trend makes it even more difficult for students to learn and practice the skills necessary for academic writing.

Online Paraphrasing Tools

However, it seems like people will always try to get around the difficult work necessary to build writing skills. Complete plagiarism and the use of online sites to buy or commission an essay have provided the way to the newest ways of avoiding actual writing:paraphrasing tool . These tools can paraphrase anything from a simple sentence to an entire essay. While these tools may appear helpful to learners, especially non-native English speakers, they are flawed, inaccurate, and should not be used as a substitute for learning to paraphrase yourself. However, with so much dependence on the machines that do most of the work our brains did, these tools seem perfectly acceptable to some.

Avoiding plagiarism

When advocating the use of a paraphrasing tool to avoid plagiarism, it is important that the original source material is properly cited in the paper. However, there is no comparable mechanism that can detect the use of a paraphrasing tool if the reader suspects that the script is not original and the source material is not cited.

The question is, does using an online paraphrase tool constitute plagiarism? Certainly, if the original source material is not cited, the work may be considered plagiarism. However, the use of the paraphrasing tool means that the handwriting is not truly original, nor is it attributable to the author. This becomes a gray area and a new plagiarism frontier for which textbooks need to be revised. In addition, it is useful to self-check manuscripts for plagiarism using plagiarism-checking tools.

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