Can you imagine a day without mobile and the internet? You can't. Because mobile devices play a significant role in everyone's life. Because the demand and time spent on mobile demand have increased a lot in the past 5 years. "One idea can change your entire life", have you ever heard about this sentence in your life?. If you say yes, Literally, I will ask you a question. Have you ever bought anything online without the usage of Mobile Apps? Over 90% of peoples would say "NO" to this. Once the internet came into our lives, we have ruined a strong relationship between friends and families by ourselves. You have to be strongly agreed with this sentence.

Once the technology grows, it has many pros and cons. One of the surveys says that most of the people from urban cities accessing the internet by using their mobile device. 49% of people open an app 12+ times a day and 57% of all digital usage comes from mobile apps. Many kinds of mobile applications are available in the market according to serve the people's needs. Here we can see some of the examples, Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber eats are food-ordering where people can order their food. Ola and Uber are the taxi-booking where people can book a car (or) auto for their traveling purpose. Most Popular Social Media apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp where people can connect with other peoples socially. If you are planning to come to the digital field, you have thought of some successful ideas before you start to launch a mobile app to achieve your goals.

Before you choose a mobile app development company, you have considered certain things like target audience, unique features of your mobile apps, on what platform you are going to launch your application, the cost for app development and more. These are some crucial factors need to take into our minds. Let's talk about the top mobile app development ideas that you have to focus more on your business!.

1. IoT Based Mobile Applications

IoT is one of the trending technologies in the current Era and it will get evolve more. It is nothing but a large number of networks are interconnected to your digital devices. IoT helps to transfer and exchange of data and information. With the help of IoT mobile apps, you can control your gadgets through your mobile phones. Moreover, Bluetooth speakers and other wearable digital bands can also be easily connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) based mobile apps. Because there is a lot of curiosity around this technology exclusively. It provides a huge effect on IoT devices. But in the future, these kinds of mobile apps hold strong potential among many companies and peoples. This can have a large market for peoples in the future. Some Examples of IoT-Based Mobile Apps are Smart Vehicle Parking System, IoT Sensors, Smart Barcode Readers, Smart Supply Chain Management, Smart Home, Smart Farming, IoT Enabled ECG Devices and more.

2. On-Demand Mobile Applications

On-Demand Mobile Applications are one of the hottest trends for the past few years because of serving my personalized services which grabs attention to the business peoples to focus more on this. Everyone is very familiar with this concept of developing on-demand mobile apps. It has become an important portion of our routine life. On-demand mobile apps belong to the B2C category and it has a huge market share by many business peoples currently. On-demand apps have changed the way peoples cultures in the digital field. A few years ago, if you want to purchase anything for their purpose, they need to spend time on it. But now everyone can easily get their desired products and services at your fingertips. So, on-demand mobile applications are one of the successful mobile app ideas and it is the right opportunity to grab your target audience to reach your desired level. Some of the On-Demand Mobile Applications are Food Delivery, Retail, Grocery, Beauty, Health Care, Taxi Booking and more.

3. Blockchain Applications

Blockchain is the current trending technology in the mobile app development industry. Cryptocurrency has increased awareness about the blockchain technology. The most used term in the payment, as well as other industries, is "blockchain". Because, Blockchain technology is more secured, safe, transparency, and decentralized. Some of the researchers say that blockchain might have a chance to take over the internet in the upcoming years. Here are some of the industries where blockchain used at, Payment and money transfer, Distributed cloud storage, Notary, IoT and more. If you are looking for a leading blockchain development company and planning to build mobile apps with innovative ideas then Blockchain might be a perfect fit!.

4. AR Based Mobile Applications

If you don't have technical knowledge about Augmented Reality, let's take Pokemon Go is the perfect example. However, we can tell that the entire potential of AR has not explored yet. If you correctly implement this technology, you can get the best output like nothing else. The AR app development industry will be expected to reach 0-0 billion easily by 2021. These technologies have started implemented in various kinds of industries like shopping, education, marketing, medical, gaming, entertainment, and medical fields. With these technologies, you can build successful mobile app ideas and the reach is unimaginable. Some examples of AR Based Mobile Apps are, Augment, Sun Seeker, ARGON4, AR Browser SDK, Pokemon Go, Real Strike, AR GPS Compass Map 3D, and AR GPS Compass Drive/Walk Navigation and more.

5. VR Based Mobile Applications

At the initial stage, you will be able to experience Virtual Reality (VR) with only advanced headsets. Now the time has changed and there are many ways to make a device engaging better. These kinds of mobile apps can attract you with an amazing 360-degree experience and visual treat for you. Wite the advancement in technologies, you can enjoy this experience with your smartphones and some apps. Currently, VR can be used to gain a unique gaming experience that cannot be achieved by any other platform. If you choose the right mobile app service provider, then it is something worth to try this. Some of the Examples of VR Based Mobile apps are, Google Earth VR, Google Expeditions VR, Allumette, Colosse, Discovery VR, NYT VR, Orbulus, Jaunt VR, Incell VR and more.

6. AI-Based Mobile Apps

AI is going to be the trending technology in the upcoming years. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), many business peoples have helped them to grow at a higher rate. With Machine Learning, you can track user behaviors and use them to maximize your sales. Netflix, Siri, and Google Assistant are the best examples of AI applications. If you want to be successful with these mobile app ideas, then AI is the perfect way for you to go!.

7. Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the top trends in the mobile app development industry because it has improved the user's personalized experience a lot. Chatbots are going to be the future of every way of communication. Chatbots can be executed on websites and mobile apps which helps you to drive more leads for your business. Most of the leading IOS and Android app development companies have started integrating AI Chatbots on their website which provides the user with a seamless experience and also can handle your customer queries consistently. One of the surveys says, more than 40% of E-commerce companies have to include chatbots on their website to provide better user experience and flawless communication. So, we considered chatbot is one of the best mobile app business ideas in 2020. Here are the best examples of Chatbots are, Swelly - Most famous messenger chatbot, eBay Chatbot, 1-800-Flowers, LYFT, Yes Sir and more.


Have you checked the above-mentioned mobile app ideas? Which one are you going to execute for your business? Which mobile app ideas suits more for your business? Apart from any ideas, the success of mobile apps depends on many factors like your target audience, mobile app development platforms, Marketing perspective, goals and more. If you want to reach a premium audience choose IOS app development and for the larger set of audience choose Android app development will be your preserver. We hope you have got more options to start your dream projects.

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I am Tim Josh working as a Digital Marketing Analyst at Osiz Technologies - A leading blockchain development company having more than 3 Years of Experience. My Interests are Blogging, Traveling and pencil Sketching.