Being prepared comes at a price. This is particularly true when it comes to car insurance. If you want the best coverage, the rates would be higher. Many of the country's best car insurance companies offer military affordable car insurance rates to service members and veterans. These affordable car insurance rates are provided by car insurance firms such as GEICO, Allstate, Progressive, and Nationwide. Some car insurance companies give a straight percentage off their premiums. Others provide car insurance discounts for active duty service members who are separated from their vehicles due to their employment demands, those stationed in immediate danger pay areas, and for cars in transit to overseas service members. Some auto insurance firms give both types of benefits, so make sure you shop around.

How to get affordable car insurance?

One of the best tips to get affordable car insurance for yourself is to compare auto insurance rates. There is no concept called cheap car insurance quotes. The best car insurance companies in the country will look into various factors before deciding on a rate. It makes sense to do your due diligence, too. Ensure the company you choose is reputable and that you're comfortable with the service you get from the insurance company. Your state insurance department or online consumer information sites may provide information on consumer complaints by the company to help you choose the right insurance company for your needs.

The best car insurance companies provide options that cover only service members and veterans, giving them rates that larger automobile insurance companies can't usually match. USAA is best known, praised for its high prices and service (including accident forgiveness, safe driver discounts, and defensive driving discounts). Technically, you don't even have to be a military member or veteran to please apply for the USAA since their families are qualified for coverage.

Even, it's worth shopping around. Consumers of all types (whether military, civilian or members of some other group) should focus on finding affordable car insurance where they live. The best insurance providers for military members and veterans are the companies in their state that provide not just the best protection at a fair price but also affordable car insurance.

Here are the best military car insurance providers for military personnel and veterans.

Best military car insurance: USAA

If you're an active military service member, a military veteran, or a family member, there's no better auto insurance company than the USAA. Since only people who fall into those groups can follow policies with the USAA, they would find themselves eligible for cheaper rates than anywhere else. According to their website, consumers who move their car insurance plans to USAA save an average of $707 on their annual auto insurance premiums.

Those low car coverage rates are a significant draw, but not all USAA members love them. USAA Auto Insurance is widely praised for its benefits, including injury forgiveness, liability coverage, and the provision of flexible payment plans. USAA has a very high customer satisfaction score. The bottom line is that if you're qualifying for a USAA auto insurance policy, it's probably going to be your best choice. Make sure you have at least a USAA car insurance quote before making your final decision.

Best military car insurance with discounts: GEICO

GEICO regularly tops the list of the best auto insurance plans available. Although the company doesn't exactly match the car insurance rates with the USAA, the military discount it gives to active and former service members makes it the best option over the more conventional car insurance companies.

Both active-duty military and retired military personnel and members of the National Guard or Reserves are eligible for up to 15% off their overall insurance premiums. Given GEICO's low-priced market, this extra insurance discount makes the company's auto insurance plans competitive. GEICO also provides an extra Emergency Deployment Discount to customers who deploy to a

military base in immediate danger pay areas as designated by the Department of Defense.

The customer service for which GEICO is so cherished is often applied to military personnel. The organization has a special team dedicated to military support and a toll-free line devoted to supporting these clients. Service members and veterans searching for reliable auto insurance coverage from a nationally known insurer should consider GEICO when they decide.

Best military car insurance for D.O.D. Civilian employees and NOAA & P.H.S. commissioned officers: Armed Forces Insurance

Armed Forces Insurance may not be as well-known as the USAA, but it covers the military's same family members and provides equally low rates. That alone makes Armed Forces Insurance worth checking out if you think you could be eligible for car insurance coverage. One of the most striking distinctions between Armed Forces Insurance and USAA is its customer loyalty and ratings. Although USAA is widely praised by customers and has received high ratings from various organizations, Armed Forces Insurance's opinion is more divided.

That said, one big draw for A.F.I. is that its eligibility criteria are more comprehensive than those of the USAA. Not only are active duty and retired service personnel and their children and families eligible to receive military discount coverage, but the same applies to civilian employees of the Department of Defense, officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the U.S. Public Health Service. If you fall into (or have in the past) one of those categories, A.F.I. might be your cheapest insurance company choice.

Best military car insurance in regional category: Direct Auto Insurance

Like GEICO, you don't have to be military members to sign up for Direct Auto Insurance coverage. Still, you'll be eligible for a host of military car insurance discounts if you do. However, before you start, it's worth noting that these military car insurance benefits only apply to current members of the military, not veterans. Suppose you are a member of every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the National Guard or Reserves. In that case, you might be eligible for up to 25% off several different insurance coverage forms, including comprehensive, accident, bodily injury, uninsured motoring, and property harm. Direct Auto Insurance also provides flexible payment plans designed to make it easier to afford the premiums.

The discounts and customer service that Direct provides make the business worth checking out, but only residents in seven states are eligible for a military discount through Direct Auto Insurance. If you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, or Texas, make sure you get a quote from Direct Auto Insurance.

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