Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are just the times when you eat.

A meal is a planned diet that takes care of all the nutrients your body needs to help you achieve your daily goals based on your regular schedule.

There is a difference between simple eating and proper meal.

Proper planned meal means preparing a meal with all the nutrients that help you complete your daily day-to-day life.

Pre Workout Meals

You have to eat well before going to gym.the purpose of pre workout meal is to fuel your activity and give your body what it needs to perform, you have to eat that type of food that gives you energy and helps you to reach your goals. Most people thinks post workout meals is important than preworkout meals but the truth is both meal is important. Pre workout meals is important because it gives you energy and stamina for doing your workout, pre workout meals helps you to reach your goals and it also helps to gain your muscle strength.

Post Workout Meals

Its purpose is to supply your body with everything it needs to repair,recover and adapt to the training stimulus that the workout put lot of efforts in your workout but you cant reach your goal because you did not eat well after completing your workout thats why post workout is important. How you take this meal is up to you, some people opt to drink their post workout meal for convenience but you could just as easily eat solid food.Both options are valid and one is not necessarily better than the other.

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