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A lot of businesses don't survive within the next five years, and one huge reason is they haven't promoted their products and services well enough.
You don't want this to happen to your own business, do you? So you better take the necessary steps today. Here are some ideas:

1. Come up with a marketing plan. A marketing plan is perhaps one of the tools that are often ignored by start-up businesspeople. For one, it takes a lot of time. It can also be costly.

However, a marketing plan also offers several benefits. For one, you'll be clear with your marketing objectives. Who will be your target market? What are the modes of marketing that would capture their attention? What types of promos you need to come up with? How much capital do you need to stay afloat for the next couple of years?

You can also utilize the plan when you have to assess your strategies. After all, you need to go back to your main objectives and determine if you have accomplished them.

2. Perform online marketing. Millions of people use the Internet to search for information, purchase products, or request for services. You can't avoid staying away from the World Wide Web. You have to practice online marketing.

There are different tools you can use online, and some of them are free. These include blogging platforms, social networking websites like Facebook, microblogging sites such as Plurk and Twitter, article directories, directories, and search engines.

You also need to create a website where Internet users can go to get more information about you or shop for products. Though this may require some capital, it's not huge. There are several web hosting and domain packages to choose from.

3. Combine online marketing with local marketing. Though there are thousands who are online, there are also several who don't use the Internet. You still need to market your products and services to them. That's why you also have to develop marketing techniques for them. You can print credit cards, put up tarpaulins or mini-billboards, give away samples, or encourage word of mouth. These marketing tips are so effective yet they're incredibly cheap.

4. Delegate tasks. A common practice among start-up businesspersons is to do everything on their own. The problem is the business takes away a lot of their time, and they don't progress. They cannot focus on other business aspects that should make their business grow.

Hire at least one or two people who can assist you. You can delegate routine tasks to them, so you can focus on the more important parts of your business.

5. Utilize subliminal messages. Starting up a business can cause a lot of apprehension, worry, and even depression. Cope with them by using subliminal messages. These affirmations can help improve your manner of thinking by concentrating on positive thoughts.

Here are some examples:

• I am blessed to have this business.
• I can't wait to reach my first $100,000.
• I am ready to earn thousands next month.
• I get rid of worry and anxiety in my life.

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