The cosmetic industry has provided its customers with a large number of products that are utilized on various occasions. These beauty items include lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, lotions, etc. They are presented to the customers by packing in proper makeup boxes. These containers are available in numerous shapes and sizes and are designed in beautiful and creative patterns. One interesting thing about these products is that they are interlinked with each other as they are used in combination with one another. Therefore, the customers are always looking for such organizations that would be able to store various beauty products at a single place, so they are easily accessible or retrieved as and when required by the users.

Drawer style:

Different cosmetic products are of different shapes and sizes as they are meant to serve a different role from the rest. It might seem to be an extremely tough task to place all of them in a single storage. But, in reality, this can be done with great ease by designing makeup box packaging in a creative and innovational method. A drawer style of the container can serve this function conveniently. As the name indicates, this design includes a number of drawers. The whole structure is in the form of an elongated cylinder of a big size. Various drawers are fabricated in the encasements, and different types of products are placed in each of them. These drawers can be pulled out by hand in an effortless manner. Usually, a mirror is also attached to the main container to facilitate the users during the application of these products on skin or hair.

Shelve organizers:

It can easily be understood that there is a clear difference between makeup boxes and the organizers of beauty products. The main difference is that a container typically contains a single type of product. On the other hand, a variety of products are arranged in an organizer to facilitate the users in a convenient way. One of the most innovative and classy styles of such a structure is a shelve organizer. It is composed of a number of shelves of different sizes that are used to place different types of beauty items. It is markedly different from the drawer style in the sense that all the items came out of the container at once rather than one by one. This structure is manufactured from strong and sturdy material like thick plastic or metal. Once the organizer is opened, all the shelves are outside in a special manner. This design is highly liked by the customers because it is trendy and extremely exceptional in the display. Other than that, the safety of cosmetics is also ensured due to the strength of the forming material.

Transparent makeup case:

It is a well-said verse that if anything is of superior quality and genuine nature, then why there is a need to hide it from the eyes of the customers. The same theory applies to the organizer of the beauty products as well and is practically exhibited in the form of a transparent cosmetic case. This sort of makeup box packaging consists of large-sized encasements that have a see-through feature and allows the users to peek through without opening. This is regarded as one of the cheapest organizers as these sort of coverings is easily available in homes. The beauty products that are already protected in their readymade cases are placed in a clear container of big size.

Rotating cosmetic organizer:

The users of cosmetic products are always inclined to store them together in a creative and unique manner. This creativity can be expressed by using a rotating organizer. This is formed by taking a stand that is firm and has the ability to withstand heavy weights of a large number of beauty items. The lower part of this stand is immovable while the upper part is able to rotate. A number of extensions are made on this structure at various lengths. It is the most common organizer used at homes. The user can stand at a fixed point in front of the dressing table and rotate the structure to get the required type of items.

Travel cosmetic kit:

The application of the makeup items is not restricted at homes or offices. They are also used while traveling to short or long distances. Therefore, different types of these items are placed inside a single kit to use them at their best. This kit is usually made up of leather in order to make it waterproof and safe for transportation. Leather is a flexible material and can easily be placed in the dashboard of the cars. A zipper is attached to the opening that can easily be controlled. Other than that, a handle is also fixed to it to make it easy to carry from one place to the other. A number of compartments or partitions are built inside this kit in which various types of products can be placed and used.

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