Romantic feelings that are shared help people appreciate love better, and in the process, do a bit in healing the world of hatred, misdeeds, and malice.

In this post, you'll find tens of love whatsapp status which can help you communicate your present feeling.

• The most beautiful thing that has happened to me in life is not something, but someone, and that someone is your love.

• You are that little bit of my heart that did not beat so happily before appearing in my life. Love, if it is not suffered is not understood, and I am suffering for having you, so now I understand everything.

• It is true that my distance hurts, but I love when you kiss me after having missed me so much.

• I wish a long life with you, but I ask God to take me before you, because without you I would not know how to live.

• There are only three words by which I would be able to do everything when you pronounce them, and those two words are: I love you.

• Love can be found without being sought, but then you have to love it and always value it.

• The distance is only able to separate our bodies, but could never separate our feelings.

• Your eyes say what you keep silent, and your eyes give you away; They let me know that you love me although you always deny it.

• The love that I feel for you, I am unable to express it, but I hope that life gives me many years to prove it.

• I love waking up with messages of yours from WhatsApp, with phrases wishing me good morning.

• To know you was a privilege, to fall in love with another, and to have you in my life was the best of them all.

• To have you as a couple would have fulfilled the most beautiful dream I have ever had in my life, I love you.

• When they talked to me about love, I could not imagine that I would become something as precious as what I live.

• Life is a new gift that I receive every new day and you are the best I have received.

• Give me the reason not to love you, not to be with you and I will prove it wrong to you.

• There are no reasons to stop loving you.

• If love is madness, bless me God with that madness because I want to be a crazy lover.

• It's when I miss you that love grows in my heart, despite the distance that hurts so much.

• How beautiful is love when you draw my smile, how beautiful is love when you are the one who creates that illusion in me.

• As much as I wanted to, I could never describe what I feel when you tell me that you love me, it is indescribable.

• You are most of the happiness of my life, that's why my biggest fear would be to lose you, that's why I love you so much.

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