The below article is about finding the best laptop for graphic design under 50000 and the top 5 tips for that.

How to find the best laptop for graphic design under 50000? Well, we often get this query from many people. Most graphic design students and enthusiasts look for budget models for their needs. There’re lots of budget laptops under 50k available across the country. But can you choose them for your graphic designing tasks? Well, let’s see about that in the below article.

Why does graphic designing require specific laptops?

Graphic designing is multitasking. You need to open lots of tabs and windows to design graphics. And hence, you’ll need a powerful machine, where you can multitask without any issues. A multi-core CPU and adequate RAM are a must for running any graphic designing tool. Having these will let you open multiple apps and projects open at the same time without any lags. Alongside that, you’ll also need the ideal display to see the glories of your edits and designs. And you can’t expect a random laptop to offer these. Hence, you must look for specific laptops for your graphic design projects.

What are the minimum spec requirements for graphic designing?

An ideal laptop for graphic designing should have the specific features a graphic designing project will need. You can’t expect a random laptop under 50k to run Adobe Photoshop and other graphic designing tools. You need to consider the specs of the model to ensure that it’s capable of doing so. And here’re the minimum specs requirements for a budget graphic designing laptop,

1. One of the most vital laptop specs for graphic designing is the CPU or Central Processing Unit. The CPU is known as the brain of the laptop and hence, you need a powerful CPU to run graphic designing tools. Laptops with a modern processor from Intel or AMD will be ideal. Experts suggest a 10th/11th Generation Intel i5/i7 or AMD Ryzen 4000 CPU will be perfect.

2. The next thing is RAM or Random Access Memory. For graphic designing, the more RAM you’ll have the better you can work on the machine. Since it’s all about multitasking, you must look for a model with adequate RAM. Experts suggest 16 GB DDR4 RAM is ideal. But for budget models, 8 GB DDR4 RAM is the minimum need. Yet, it’d be better if the RAM is expandable up to at least 16 GB.

3. Most graphics designing tasks need a dedicated GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. Well, investing in a dedicated NVIDIA or AMD Graphics Card will be a great thing. But that’d be costly. While a laptop with modern integrated GPUs is enough for daily graphic design use.

4. The display is also essential for a graphic designing project. Thus, a laptop with at least a 15-inch screen with the required visual technologies and a 60Hz ref rate will be fine.

5. You must also consider the storage and battery life of the model since you’ll work on lots of projects. A machine with at least 256 GB or 1 TB HDD and at least 4-6 hours of battery life will be ideal.

Can’t find the best laptop for graphic design under 50000? Well, you can’t find anything like that. Since there’re tonnes of laptops within this budget, you must consider the specs to find the right one. And we hope this article with the above points will help you with that.

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