What we see around us are hoards of advertisements in the form of billboards, exhibits, video and audio ads, packaging print to endorsements by celebrities and sportsperson to attract customers. All these strategies is an artwork of the people of the marketing world.

Go ahead and complete your qualification from the best Master of Business Administration college in Delhi NCR. A career in marketing places you in one of the most crucial functions of an organization as this is what will bring customers the ultimate goal of any enterprise. In this fast-paced world where everything is about attracting customers, any organization cannot survive without a proper marketing team.

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Top Jobs for MBA in Marketing

Earlier a company could market its product or service only through print or door to door promotions. But today there is a whole new virtual world at our disposal for various marketing options.

Let us discuss the top 10 options for a career in Marketing after pursuing a Master of Business Administration

Brand Manager
Do you ever think that a company could have advertised its product in a more effective way? Then Brand Manager is your calling. Trends rule the market in every sector and following them require constant observation. Brand managers have the job to keep tabs on these trends, the ever-growing competition and then make sure that the product or service of their business complies with the demands of the customers to keep the brand ahead.

Account Manager
If you like communicating with people, be an Account Manager. It works as a bridge between the marketing team and customer for sales management. The main responsibility of an account manager includes creating a communication window for customers to put forth their demands and the organizations to fulfill them timely and effectively while maintaining a relationship.
Sales Manager
Everything is an enterprise is defined by its sales. Aspirants with good analytical skills should opt for this post. The prime aspect of a Sales Manager is to work with eminent customers and push the team forward with strategic planning to obtain sales targets. A sales manager with its analytical skills sorts complains, enhance sales, make budgets and come up with new ideas to improve sales.

Research Manager
Marketing not only requires new ideas and implementations but also proper research in what the customer requires and what exactly will the stand out in the competitive environment. The Research Manager works towards the growth of the organization through the introduction of new methods for research.

Business Development Manager
If you have an inclination towards innovation then Business Development Manager is your answer. They have the responsibility to update and develop strategies for the growth of the organization. They ensure gaining new customers and making existing customers increase their consumption. They keep in mind to take the company revenue to new heights by an increase in profits.

SEO Manager

If you are more comfortable working on the computer, the virtual world gives you various opportunities like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager. The SEO manager has the responsibility to create a set of techniques to increase the visits on an eCommerce website through exciting and attractive advertisements or schemes to increase sales through search engines.

Marketing Analytics
If you are keen on observing the market conditions, Marketing Analytics can be your option. This job requires you to observe data after a detailed study of the market for possible sales options. Market research analysts ensure gathering information about what do people expect from a product and the expected price they are ready to pay for it.
Monetization Manager
Do you have an interest in financial working as well? Then Monetization Manager is the answer. In any organization, converting the assets of revenue into any form of money or economic value is essential. Monetization Manager ensures this transformation through managing your properties, savings, and thereby increasing your revenue.

Media Planner
It is an interesting job option for aspirants who are interested in planning. Media Planner calls for action for the campaigns or advertisements that are to be placed in the right place keeping in mind the product, service, and brand and thereby choosing the correct platforms for endorsing.

Internet Marketing Manager
Even the digital space has ample space and opportunities to portray marketing skills for the growth and uplifting of a brand or an organization. With more and more people getting comfortable with eCommerce, Digital Marketing/Online Marketing managers have to ensure proper tools to enhance online traffic towards sales.

Many more such opportunities and job descriptions are available throughout many organizations and brands. Marketing is all about the management of creating demand for the product or service and satisfying customers by building healthy rapport.

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