As we all know that Instagram is a visual platform, so what the person will see is the same, they believe. To make your Instagram handle more attractive and productive, it may help you to get more Instagram likes and comments. You should have to create the best content theme for your profile. You must regularly optimize your Instagram and post organic content on your page. A well-planned, systematically arranged profile context will always be more admired and appreciated.


Regularly posting on Instagram can be a way to improve your connections and followers. Although it's way more difficult than it seems to post the contents frequently. Coming up with creative ideas is not easy, but if we post the same things repeatedly, it will no longer keep your audience engaged. Here you will get some of the content ideas for your Instagram handle that will help you to sparkle your feed.


Best Instagram Content Ideas to Be Followed: -


  • Begin with a Challenge Campaign: -The best way to stay creative for long is to start a challenge. It can be based on your idea or for any particular brand you are working with. Always pick some of the exciting topics that would grab the attention and interest of your audience. It depends upon you to set the ideal time frame for your challenge, as most of them may last for about 7-30 days.


  • Your content's visual style or pattern should reflect your personality, and the filters you use should be specific and should always stick to your style.


  • Be selective with colors, and add the color with which you want the peoples to associate with your account and provide more Instagram likes and comments.


  • Use Appropriate Caption Length: - The length of the caption depends upon the type of content you are posting with. If you are promoting any link or post in bio and want people to go through it eagerly, preferring a short caption will be better. It generates curiosity in people to know about the caption and product.


But on the other hand, if you want to spread knowledge or information on some particular topics or want to tell any story to the audience. Then you can prefer a long narrative caption. Many other brands have managed to stand out by using a long narrative storytelling caption and taking their followers on a journey.


  • Be Creative in Product Promotions: - You don't have to just go with the flow or the way that everyone is following; you just have to do something beyond and creative to stand out from others. While promoting any product no need to just simply post the product's photo. Instead of that, you can push yourself to be more creative with the display picture of the product and to add on some of the humor if possible. It will attract followers and get you a bulk of Instagram likes and comments.


  • Use Suitable Hashtags: -Hashtags are now emerging as a trend in Instagram, and many users are using them to make their profile attractive. Using the right number of hashtags with the right content will sparkle your feeds.


  • Before using hashtags, deep research on them will ultimately help you to drive more audience on your way. The Flood of your posts might disappear in the sea of updates. You must understand with which post your hashtags will perfectly fit on.


  • Always try to use a mix and different types of hashtags that may suit perfectly on your post. Try to recognize your audience that what they want and what you want to provide them, and in furtherance of that, start developing your content.


  • Make Your Photo Grid Attractive: -Never limit yourself only to the posts and keep in mind to bring some creativity to your overall presence of profile. Some many brands and influencers play with their grid and provide an effective outcome and presence of their handle. One can do it by choosing a particular style, pattern, or color of your profile which will make your profile stand out from others and get more Instagram likes and comments.


With the instant increase in the number of users, they also acknowledged that what they like and what they don't like in feeds, and if you post any poor or ineffective content, they instantly get that discarded. So now it's time to give your best into practice and come up with more creative ideas. Try to make effective strategies for your Instagram content and work on them to make them more productive. Every idea that you get can be measured towards your objective, and try to pick up the ideas that resonate with your target of achieving the goals.







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I am Alexander Fernandise