Immigration consultant are those who helps the people to emigrate from one country to another country. It is related to travel and tourism industry. People travelling for the purpose of visiting places for studying or business, or jobs for a long period of time is called immigration. During this the process of booking ticket confirming visa Immigration specialists are typically lawyers or paralegals at law firms who assist foreign nationals with immigration procedures. These specialists help applicants apply for work permits, citizenship, adoptions, or deal with homeland security issues.

Best immigration consultants in mumbai provide tips in pursuing a career in this industry is not that hard if you are passionate about assisting people to have a good travel experience and you are ready to exert the necessary effort. Hospitality is a thrilling, social and rewarding career. In order to get ahead in the hospitality industry, you need to do several things. The following are 7 steps you should follow to begin your journey in this sector.
● Know your strengths
When making any decision, it is important to first understand why you are making it. You need to be sure of certain things before deciding to pursue a career in this field. For instance, you need to consider if you have passion about hospitality, if you know what this field entails and which department you would like to work in within this sector.
● Pursue education
It is vital to take hospitality courses at an accredited institute, such as the Blue Whale Academy so that you can learn how to work well in this industry. Specialized courses in hospitality management will teach you all the things you should know before getting into the hospitality and tourism industry. Ideally, you should take hospitality management courses that will work well with your career. For instance, if you want to take hotel management courses, enroll in an institute that offers such courses.
● Job experience
The hospitality and tourism sector is ever changing and it is faced with new challenges daily. Although you will learn many things in class, certain things can only be learned after experiencing them in the workplace. It is therefore sensible to obtain some experience at work before you specialize in a certain field. If possible, take part in several internship opportunities while in training. This experience will be important in your CV, since it will show prospective employers the value and skills you can add to their business.
● Find and master your niche specialization
The hospitality field is vast as has a number of specializations. Therefore, it is advisable to consider your interests and decide what to pursue in specific. You should then take a hospitality course based on this decision. For instance, if you would prefer to work in a management role, such as a restaurant manager, pursuing an MBA in hospitality management is a good idea.
● Do your best to appear unique
If you want employers to select you over other candidates applying for a particular position, your application should appear unique. A good hospitality institute will offer exposure and good internship opportunities. Therefore, take the best advantage of those opportunities.
● Pursue alternative career options
Even after studying hospitality, you may not end up working in this industry. If this happens to you, you can get into other businesses or sectors that benefit from the skills you have obtained in the hospitality industry, such as the corporate sector. Executives in public relations, human resources and sales use many skills that are similar to those utilized in hotel management. Therefore, do not limit yourself to only one type of occupation.
● Learn social media skills
Mobile technologies have revolutionized the tourism and hospitality industry. For instance, digital concierges and mobile check-ins are popularly used these days. Industry leaders also incorporate apps and social media into the marketing tool-kit. It is therefore advisable to learn online skills, such as data analytics, social media content curation and how to manage the feedback of customers online.
With these tips, you can do well in the hospitality and tourism industry. Consider enrolling in the Blue Whale Academy to gain the knowledge you need to have a successful career in this dynamic sector.

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