Heart surgeries are performed for a variety of heart diseases ranging from congenital defects to bypass surgeries and graft placement to heart transplants. But the success of surgery depends upon many factors. The most important among them is the hospital you choose to receive the treatment in. Therefore, choosing the right hospital for your surgery is of utmost significance.

Tips for choosing the right hospital for heart surgery


The most famous medical center is often not the best heart surgery hospital in India. As a patient, you must shortlist hospitals based on their performance and success rate. Make sure you read patient testimonials and ratings before you choose your hospital.

Medical team

The most significant aspect of any hospital is its medical team. Heart surgery teams usually include cardiologists, physicians, nurses, dietitians, perfusionists, pharmacists, financial and social workers. Knowing the experience and credentials of the team is crucial. This plays a central role, particularly in complicated procedures such as bypass graft and heart transplant surgeries.


Communication is essential for building trust between a doctor and a patient. Always choose a hospital where it is easy to get in touch with your doctor. Ensure that the doctor answers your queries. The team must be able to create an environment where the patient does not hesitate to ask questions.


While the geographic location is not the sole factor for choosing your hospital, it must not be disregarded. Cardiac surgeries require frequent follow-ups and investigations. It is always better to opt for a hospital close to your home. Make sure your caregiver is also willing to make frequent trips to the hospital with you.

Insurance benefits

Your insurance usually covers the majority of the hospital bills. Choose a hospital that allows you to maximize your insurance benefits. Although this is not the focus of your treatment, it is a practical matter that should not be overlooked.

Why you should choose Max Hospitals India for heart surgeries

Max Institute of Heart and Vascular Sciences has 11 branches dedicated exclusively to cardiovascular diseases. The medical team comes with more than 20 years of experience in the field. It is a one-stop destination for all kinds of heart surgeries such as angioplasty, heart hole surgery, transplant, pacemaker, pediatric cardiac surgery, and many more. Their cutting edge technology provides an alternative treatment for end-stage heart failure. Each institute is equipped with Cath Labs, operation theatres, and advanced surgical instruments.

The team has excellent communication skills. They are available for multiple consultations to understand the complexity of your case. They also provide data about previous surgeries, such as the success rate of the procedure and how many times the surgeon may have performed it. As heart surgeries are expensive, not all patients can afford them. The hospital provides financial assistance to those in need. Their third-party administrators ensure that no patient goes without the treatment they deserve.

The success stories of any hospital make it the best heart surgery hospital in India. To avoid complications, get your diagnosis as early as possible. Contact Max Hospital and book your appointment today!

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