A hair transplant surgeon is a surgeon who does hair related treatments and is specialized in hair transplantation. As hair fall has become a ubiquitous problem so the demand for doctors is rising and the scope of this field is also increasing day by day. Hair transplantation is a vast field and it includes follicular unit extraction, follicular unit strip surgery, PRP treatment, and laser hair transplantation. Every field has its own demand.
A hair transplant surgeon is a person who starts his journey from higher secondary school by opting for medicine and become a graduate from any recognized medical school and has passed the national board exam and also has completed the specialization in any field from nationally recognized medical college to receive a license to practice medicine and surgery. Mostly hair transplant surgeons do not start practicing as a hair transplant doctor. They may have got trained in general medicine, urology, dermatology, family medicine, general surgery, and plastic surgery. Any doctor from these fields can do hair transplantation. Degree specialty does not play a major role in learning and performance as a hair transplant doctor. A patient does not rely on the specialty they trained in before. So that is why it is very important to know about the doctors. There are many doctors whose original training is in dermatology but are terrible in hair transplantation. There also many doctors who are specialized in general medicine and are experts in hair transplantation. So this is the reason why a patient should know briefly that the doctors he is choosing is practicing this field for how many times and if he is well trained.
There are different treatments included in hair transplantation and a surgeon who is practicing it must have expertise in every type of treatment. A hair transplant surgeon will have expertise in extraction, grafting, and replanting. Along with these he also must have expertise in PRP treatment. It is the treatment in which plasma rich platelets are separated in a centrifuge and injected in the scalps. It nourishes the scalps and helps in regrowth and gives thickness to the previously existing hair. This treatment is performed mostly with the combination of follicular unit extraction and follicular unit strip surgery. A hair transplant surgeon may also have expertise in handling laser. Laser treatment is also helpful in regrowth as the dead skin cells cover the scalps and cease them from working, laser can remove these cells and helps the scalps in nourishment. If a surgeon will have just the basic of the field will give worse impressions.
Furthermore, the success rate of the treatment also depends on the surgeon. If he is professional and well trained or not. Along with that, the team taking part in the surgery also plays a crucial role. The hair transplant surgery is not a trivial surgery; it is labor-intensive and time-consuming surgery. Many doctors take part in it and everyone does his work very perfectly like some are extracting and some are grafting and others replant them. If anyone does mistakes, the complete surgery will be affected and the success rate will be worse. So, for a successful outcome surgeon will need experienced and competent staff.
The hair transplant surgeon is basically a specialized dermatologist but other doctors who have done specialization in other fields and starts practicing hair transplantation can also become a surgeon in this field. Nevertheless, being able to perform a surgery or being able to perform a procedure well are two different things. A hair transplant is an intricate surgery, which a professional and well-trained doctor can perform well so that patients can get the expected outcome. For more information click the link:

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