It is crucial to choose the best hair transplant method for yourself. Today, hair transplant surgeons have started to use various methods for extraction and transplantation. Typically, these methods are used for hair restoration including, follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transplantation, and direct implantation method. These are all safe methods because the hairs grow naturally. All the methods have a good success rate and benefits and side effects as well. Among these methods, follicular unit extraction is considered the best hair transplant method because it has minimum side effects as compared to the others.
The procedure of follicular unit extraction is divided into three stages, including extraction, canal stage, and replantation. Initially, the surgeon will shave the head and apply local anesthesia to avoid pain during the surgery. The doctor extracts one by one individual follicle or grafts according to the need with a tool called micro punch tool which has a fine tip. This is the extraction stage. Then the doctor will set the thickness and height of the hairs and grafts according to the scalps. When the recipient area is completely numb and ready for treatment, the doctors make tiny incisions considering density, direction, depth, and angle. Then, the last stage comes which is called replantation. The grafts that were collected in the extraction stage and were prepared in the canal stage will be replanted into this phase. It is an important phase. The doctor has to replant hairs one by one in incision carefully. It is considered the best hair transplant method because of itis less invasive and relatively safe.
Follicular unit extraction has some advantages that make it the best hair transplant method. It is unobtrusive and performed under local anesthesia to avoid pain during the surgery and long stay. The patient can go to work the following day just he will have to avoid touching, rubbing, and scratching on both the donor area and recipient area. It is performed with a microscope by a professional and we-trained doctor to extract and replant hair with high precision and to give a natural a look as possible. FUT hair transplant is a new technique, unlike other transplant procedures; it works on the individual hair basis. If any hair fails to grow so it will not affect other hairs because at the time of transplantation individual follicles are extracted with the required glands and transplanted. This procedure is very intricate and takes a relatively long time in the procedure as compared to follicular unit transplantation, but the healing period is less and the success rate is greater. Except that it does not leave any significant scar as tiny incision are created that leaves unnoticeable minimal size scars.
If we compare the follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation, FUE will win the title of the best hair transplant method. FUT is an invasive method that involves a large cut to take the strip of the skin and leaves the long linear scar at the donor site, but on the other side, FUE does not leave any noticeable scar. FUT has more chances of infection at the donor site because of the large incision while in FUE case, the rare cases reported have reported of any infection and complication. The FUE recovery time is lesser than the follicular unit transplantation. FUT success rate is lesser than FUE because FUE works on the individual hair basis while FUT hairs are extracted from the same side in the strip form.
It would not be wrong if we say follicular unit extraction is the best hair transplant method because it is less invasive, safe, has a high success rate, and many more advantages and it has fewer chances of complication. Following precautionary measures carefully are crucial for the 100% success of the surgery. If you are thinking to get an FUE hair transplant in Lahore then you can click and read more information about it

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