Google ads is a ruthless marketplace, especially for B2B businesses. And in 2020 the competition is way beyond cunning. Your competitors would do anything to take you down.
And then the investment part. The entire game of Google ads not only depends on your knowledge, experience and tricks. It also depends on how much you can invest, and for how long you can do that.
No doubt there are multiple PPC agency in Bangalore has opened for churning great results. But only fewer of these agencies are productive as per the ROI. Always prefer to consult with the best in class PPC Company in Bangalore, otherwise you Google Ads may also go for a toss.
What is Best Google Ads Practice?
Best Google Ads practice means, incurring the value of the investment that you are doing. Be it in terms of awareness or leads.
PPCs - There’s low search volume and high competition, resulting in extremely expensive PPCs is not good. You can consider these tips instead of burning your money like that.
The Negative Keyword Strategy:
The algorithm of negative keywords helps with many aspects like –
•Irrelevant searches
•Unqualified Traffic
•Negative Broad Match
•Negative Phrase Match
•Negative Exact Match
Many believes that negative keywords cannot be used. But if you know how to put it, it can be used.
Working on the budget of the ads:
Many a times B2B organizations believes that B2B ads are supposed to be costlier. It’s not supposed to be that way. For Google Ads, it depends on the type of keywords that you select. The budget has to be friendly on the analysis of ROI or return on investment. If you see, you are investing X amount, you have to at least reach the break even. Or from the next time, it would be difficult for you to run ads.
The Gmail Ads Target Strategy:
Gmail has n number of users. Ever imagined a successful targeting to these people? You wonder how much benefit it can earn you!
Many PPC agency in Bangalore are already using this strategy for better marketing. But you can only take the advantage of this trick if you are taking the right PPC services in Bangalore.
Here is something more to help you with this –
Through Gmail ads, you can:
•Target people who have visited a specific website.
•Target people who are communicating with certain domains.
Make sure your ad is approved:
Are you sure that the ad you are running is not disapproved? Your ads will be disapproved if the ad text does not adhere to Google’s ad text policy. Google works on quality, hence if you do not meet the terms and conditions of the Google ads policy then your ad will not be approved.
To ensure about it, you can manually check ad approvals in Google Ads by clicking into the Ads tab for your campaign and checking the Status column. It will let you know about the ads that are –
•Approved (Limited)
In case your ad is not approved, you must –
•Click on the small question mark
•Read the details on the ad’s status
•Consult Google Ads
•Take action
Google ads are extremely beneficial if used in a right way. Take the best PPC services help in Bangalore for growing your business.

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