When you are building a gaming PC, you cannot overlook the importance of a good motherboard. The motherboard is the foundation of any good system, determining the CPU's and memory you can use, audio, number of fan headers, extra USB ports, and the ability to overclock with stability. Some even have bells and whistles like synced RGB lighting that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the system. When it comes to Gamer boards, you may see things that don't come on standard motherboards like pre-installed I/O shields or Japanese capacitors. Combine that with amazing BIOS features for overclocking and fan control, and you are on your way to building an amazing gaming rig.

Gaming boards are sometimes much more expensive than the average board so you want to make sure you allocate a good amount of your build funds to cover the cost of the motherboard. If you are trying to cut costs on the motherboard, you may want to weigh the benefits vs the features and stability you will lose. Spending too much on CPU and GPU, while neglecting the board may result in disaster in the long run. At the same, you want to make sure you are getting the board that is within your budget and supports the features you need from Budgettechy.com.


Please note that we chose the boards we believe are the best 10 for gaming. We do receive compensation for purchases made from the links in this blog. This compensation does not affect the product choices and ranking of the motherboards.

Important Consideration: Build it Yourself vs Professional Build
While many of you reading this article are professional builders, some are new to system building or novice builders. Building your own computer can be a very satisfying experience, but involves risk. Having a professional build a system for you can be just as satisfying and safer. Experience makes a difference to prevent damage to system components, give you the most pleasing aesthetics, and get the most performance out of your build. The pins on the motherboard or CPU are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged. Always take precautions and don't be afraid to watch videos on any part of the build that gives you trouble. I build all my own system, but I have recommended to others to have their rigs done by professionals. You want to make sure your build is done right, save time and cost.

Finding a Compatible Gaming Motherboard for AND Ryzen 9 3900X


Something to Keep in Mind: Choosing a compatible CPU
If you already have a CPU, that will limit your choices on the motherboard that you can choose. Make sure that the motherboard chipset supports the processor that you have. If you have not chosen a processor yet, this is much easier. I normally recommend choosing the motherboard first. Once the motherboard is chosen, you can check the motherboard compatibility list, located on the motherboard manufacturer's website by the model to choose a compatible CPU. The chipset of the motherboard determines what CPUs are compatible. Not all CPU's will be compatible with every board especially if the motherboard and CPU are from different generations. As well, there are instances that a motherboard built in an earlier release than a processor that is compatible will still need a BIOS update before it will work. To do this BIOS update, you would need an older generation CPU that is compatible that loads before you can boot up the motherboard and install the update so that you can install the newer generation CPU. Also, You Can Buy the best motherboard for ryzen 7 3700x for your gaming purpose.

Finally: Top 10 Best Gaming Motherboards for 2020

Let's take a look at the top motherboards. These boards are all the top picks from our editors. We've tried all these boards and were impressed by their performance and quality. Keep in mind there is a mixture of AMD and Intel boards so if you already have a CPU, you want to make sure it is compatible.

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