FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is a modern technique and is preferred over other conventional methods, which for the first time took place in the 1990s. Australian doctors discovered a new method to extract hair follicles after observing that patients feel unnecessary pain due to the cutting of large bands of the scalp. This technique is much advanced and beneficial for the patients as it includes the use of thin needles, instead of a scalpel as used in the past in other methods.
This technique started gaining much importance in the early 2000sand now it becomes preferable over others.in this method which is a highly proven and invasive outpatient procedure, follicular unit grafts containing a small number of follicles are individually removed from the donor’s stronger areas of scalp and very professionally restored to the recipient’s thinning and bald areas. It is a very comfortable method for the patients as the donor areas heal in just a couple of days due to the reason behind it, there are no scars and stitches. Physicians all over the world use this method for the recreation of permanent and natural-looking results.
Firstly, the donor’s genetically stronger areas are identified and prepared for removing follicular units then by using tweezers like instruments a tiny circular incision is formed, and then individual units are removed from the donor’s scalp. These grafts are prepared by using stereo microscopes or magnifying lenses before placement into the recipient area. Each unit graft is arranged into 1 to 4 hairs in number and based on the loss pattern, doctors map out the adjustment and placement of each follicular unit group in order to give the most natural-looking results.
After the preparation of grafts, small incisions are made on the recipient’s bald areas in accordance with the natural growth pattern. These grafts are then artistically placed one by one in order to maximize the density and coverage of thinning areas. This last step is most critical in the whole procedure. After this step, the procedure is done and we have to wait for three to four months to observe the natural growth in these areas. The grafts are extracted using micromotors and the pores which left behind heal themselves as they are very small in size. We can notice the significant regrowth after 6 months and both transplanted and native hair will continue to grow naturally. This procedure requires 6 to 7 hours to come to an end.
Just like all over the world FUE technique has also gained much popularity in Pakistan as well. It is also preferable over other transplant methods in Pakistan because of its advantages and comfort for patients. The success rate of this technique is quite superb which is almost 92 t0 98 % and the results are long-lasting and there will be no fear of hair loss again for many years. The cost of the FUE technique in Pakistan ranges from 50,000 to 1, 00,000 Pak Rupees and it depends on how much hairs are being transplanted and also on the choice of specialists.
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