Most Useful Features To Look For In These Cameras

By analyzing some of the best Nikon cameras under $200 and those from other leading brands, a few key features can be identified as determining features to look for when purchasing a budget friendly camera model. While some features may be unmatched among others in the category it would be better to look for a more all-round performer. This is because most users looking for these types of cameras would not need very fancy features and having a reliable camera would be the primary goal when making the purchase.

Ease of use, style and size

When camera manufacturers release models to this price range, they firstly look at offering a camera which is easy to use. For instance most of the best Nikon cameras under $200 such as the Nikon Coolpix S7000 and the Nikon COOLPIX L340 offer ease of use to customers with many automatic control options. This simplicity offered is appealing to the beginner level photographer who does not focus much on adjusting between manual settings like advanced photography enthusiasts. If you are like most camera users who look for cameras in this budget, you would be looking at a camera with a compact design which makes it easy to carry around. Attractive designs and color options are also a desirable features to be more appealing to the user.

Performance features

The image sensor is an important aspect which defines the image quality. Most of the cameras in this range come with a 1/2.3-inch image sensor which is adequate to capture good quality images. A reasonable optical zoom lens of zoom capability above 20x will be a good bargain as you would be able to capture much better images than using your smartphone. Wireless connectivity, built-in flash and features such as touch screen help enhance the performance and usability of the device.

What To Avoid When Buying Cameras Under $200

A cheap design would make all other features obsolete as it would make the camera susceptible to damage even with the slightest knock. The poor build also makes it too light when held and any hinges would give way after short periods of use. You should also not mistake digital zoom properties with optical zoom as digital zoom however large in value will cause loss of image quality as you zoom. The battery life ideally should be adequate to capture about 150 or more photos so that you can keep shooting while on the go.

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Jerome Julian is a strong lover of photography and writes about the best pocket cameras under 200 and recommends the budget digital cameras from popular brands like Canon, Nikon etc.