Father's day is one of the occasions dedicated to the most special person in every one's life. He takes care of our likes, dislikes, and everything we need in our childhood to everything we need to our adulthood. From being the bad cop in most families to loving you the most, he is always there.

There is no one day that can amount to the care and love they shower upon us that can justify his contribution in our life and what we are today. The best part is, they do not take pride in shaping you right and still make sure that you become the best person outside the house as well as inside the house. If you are successful today, it is your father, if not, then it is your fault.

If your father is your inspiration and gifting him something to show him your gratitude towards whatever he has done for you is your plan, go for the ideas below which will make him happy and proud of having you around as his son/daughter.

Shaving kit

You might be a son and learned shaving from your beloved father, or a daughter who would have helped him shave, in either case, a shaving kit is sure to make him happy. You can check for a shaving kit with a good razor, shaving gel or foam, an aftershave and a shaving brush if needed. And why not, you have learnt a lot about shaving as a son from shaving style to shaving routine from your father. A shaving kit qualifies to be one of the best gifts.


A trimmer could also be a great gifting choice for your father. He might have a beard that looks just royal as him and of course maintaining it needs a good set of tools in his arsenal. This will also help him learn more about how to shave pubic hair and underarm hair, which will help him maintain a good hygiene over the long run.

A father's day special meal

A healthy meal makes a perfect gift too for your father. May be brunch, or lunch or dinner. You can take him out for a nice dinner, may be prepare breakfast with all his favorite items, maybe a surprise family lunch and happiness. All this will make him happy and show your care and how bad you want him to stay by your side. You can prepare eggs, pie, or simply a cake or something that he loves to have. It is all up to you.

A good meal, shaving kit, healthy meal, or something as simple as a greeting card will also make him happy. Make sure you gift them all this with immense love and enthusiasm that will show them how much you love them. These are some of the best father's day gift ideas you can follow to make your Dad happy this father's day.

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