You know your skincare is high maintenance if you have oily skin. You have tried all types of products and home remedies but there are only a few that work, that too for a little while.

When skin is threatening to erupt, we all know it will soon turn into volcanic clusters. But to cure that, one must learn where all of this unwanted oil is produced in your skin.

We have some really effective face washes that help you combat that oiliness and give back the lost moisture to deliver a healthy-looking skin:

1. Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash for Tan Removal with Turmeric & Saffron

Made with soothing saffron, this face wash features the benefits of turmeric that balance the moisture so that the skin is never over-dried while protecting it from excessive oil production.

2. Juicy Chemistry Organic Face Wash for Acne Prone & Oily Skin with Hemp, Tea Tree and Neem

Curated with ingredients like hemp, tea tree, and neem, all of which work to leave the skin looking and feeling clean, this face wash has a long-lasting effect throughout the day.

3. Arata Zero Chemicals Face Wash with Flaxseed Extract, Peppermint & Lemon Oil

This face wash features a blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients that clear the skin of excess dead skin and sebum. It also ensures less oil production.

4. Biotique Bio Papaya, Visibly Flawless Skin Face Wash for All Skin Types

If your skin is producing oil and leading to breakouts, use this acne clearing face wash that prevents moisture loss due to the weather and gives your skin a hydrated feel from day until the night.

5. BareAir Brightening Face Wash with Vitamin C

This exclusive face wash absorbs excess oil from the face and gives it a clear look, away from all the greasiness, leading to the lesser appearance of pores.

6. Raw Nature Face Wash, Volcanic Green Clay

Tt pulls oil, dust and debris build-up from the skin, bringing each of you straight to the heart of the volcano with each use. This face wash penetrates pores to eliminate toxins and prevent the development of new whiteheads, blackheads and acne blemishes while allowing facial skin to heal.

7. Greenberry Organics Detox Charcoal Face Wash with Tea Tree, Mulberry, Grapefruit

This Detox Charcoal Face Wash by Greenberry Organics is formulated with activated Charcoal, Tea Tree and Mulberry Grapefruit for that perfect glowing and refreshing feel

8. BareAir Face Wash, Anti Acne/ Fungal with Neem & Tea Tree

This anti-Acne, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial facewash loaded with all the curative properties of Neem and Tea Tree. This oil & dirt removal formula also promises to leave your skin blackhead-free, calm, cleansed, and spotless.

9. Votre Purifying Face Wash

A mild, medicated cleanser that fights acne. Best treatment wash designed for oily / Acne-prone skin, which removes dirt and oil from the skin without over-drying the skin.

10. Paul Penders Alpina and Tea Tree Cleansing Wash for Combination to Oily Skin

The natural antibacterial action of Alpinia extract and essential Tea Tree oil, with a soft, foaming formula, gently and effectively cleanses normal to oily skin, while helping to regulate sebum production and reduce blemishes.

As anyone who is dealing with oily skin will tell you that this can be a full-time job and not too entertaining one at that. Give your skin the attention it deserves and see the results popping out within a few days.

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