Makeup is an important thing in a woman’s life, and without a perfect eyeliner, it remains incomplete. Eyeliner is essential for eye makeup, and one can say it completes the makeover look of a person. Apart from this, the daily routine life of women also remains incomplete without simply lip gloss and eyeliner. Making eyes more beautiful and prettier is what eyeliners do. Those who hate that they have small eyes can also make their eyes wide and big through eyeliner; one should know just a simple trick. There are different styles of eyeliners, but among all of those, the cake and the liquid ones are the bests; they are not only easier to apply but also give a perfect look.

Different eyeliner styles for women 2020

1: Simple
This is a simple eyeliner style just for the beginners. You can practice this type of eye-makeup by simply drawing perfect strokes over your eyes.
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Start with a small line drawing from the center of the eye, very close to the lashes, and stretch it towards the outside corner.

You can see the picture below and have an idea of making this simple design all by yourself. It is one of the best among different eyeliner styles for girls.

2: The Cat Eye
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This is currently at the top of the latest styles that most of the girls like to apply while going to some party or function. Draw a tiny flicked angular line at the end of the eye, and don’t forget to combine your lower lash line with the upper one. You can see it in the image below and try it in your upcoming event or occasion.

3: Dramatic Eye Liner
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This one is also a party-style liner which you can wear at night events. It is the same as the previous one (cat-eye look) but with more intensity and more fitting for function.

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