Have you ever wondered how miserable one’s life can be if his feet or toes are disabled? Neuropathy, and several other issues such as accidents or fungus can lead to foot or toe pain. But there is always a way if you are willing to find one.

Any muscular or nervous issue can be treated through neuropathy. All you need to do is gather some courage to develop a habit and win over the pain. It is not very tough. If you have someone to support you, it will only take a few months to minimize such excruciating pain.

Even if you feel that you are perfectly fine, still you need to work out to keep your bones and muscles strong and healthy. The only time when you should not be exercising in full bloom is when you have met severe accidents, and it is advised by the doctors. Otherwise, one must be regular about exercising.


In this article we would suggest you a few effective exercises that can help in treating the nerve pain, ankle pain, and other painful issues related to foot. Sometimes an ankle twist can also lead to severe foot issues, do you think only a pain killer will be effective in treating it? Not at all, the only solution will be exercising.

Simple toe raise, point, and curling

It is an exercise for those who do not want to move much, but still want a pain-free toe and feet. You need to sit on a chair, now put your feet off the ground in such a way that only your toes and the front balls of your feet are touching it. Make sure that the heels are above it.
Now, stay in this position for almost five minutes. Next you should slowly move your feet upward in a way that only the big toe and the second toe should touch the ground. Stay in this position for almost 5 minutes again.
Now it is time to roll your toes in a way that the top of the toes will touch the ground. Stay like that for three to four minutes and this is it.

Toe extension

When you move your toes in a way that is not regular for the feet, it will ultimately extend the muscles of your entire feet. Furthermore, this will prevent the plantar fasciitis that is a common heel pain issue often found among old people. But if you have severe chronic plantar fasciitis you must go for a ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) from a good Podiatrist like Dr. Tina on bvfootclinic.com. You can read in detail about it on soundmedtech.com

All you need to do this exercise is your hands. Sit on a chair, and then put your one foot on your other thigh. Now stretch your toes one by one in the direction of your ankle. Do not stretch too hard, just make sure that you feel the stretch.

While you do so do not forget to massage the back side of your foot with the other hand. Keep on massaging and stretching it will be quite helpful in eliminating the heel pain. You should do it ten times on each foot.

Marble pick up

This one is a fun exercise then this is the one. You need a few marbles, and spread them on the floor around your feet. Now sit on a chair. Slowly pick one marble with your feet without moving your back. Keep in mind that you need to sit straight throughout this process.

Tennis ball roll

This is also a fun toe and feet exercise for those who do not want to get into some tough exercises. It is primarily for the arch pain. Now take a tennis ball and put it under your feet, now roll the tennis ball. In a way that it should feel like you are massaging your feet. You should also try to put some pressure on your feet, but it should be bearable.

Achilles stretches

There is an Achilles tendon that connects your calf muscles and the foot, mainly the sole of your feet, those facing the heel pain can try this exercise. This is a bit tough, but it can surely make the pain go away.

You need to stand while facing the wall, now stretch your arms, and put your palms on the wall. Now put one foot back, now lean forward you will feel a stretch in your calf. This is it. Repeat it after every two minutes.

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