Gym anxiety is a real problem individual have to deal with; anxiety issues are especially prevalent for those who are just beginning their fitness journey. Luckily, there are a number of exercises that beginners can do from the luxury of their own home while they attempt to defeat their anxiety.

In some cases, fitness enthusiasts may decide to continue working out at home. Whether they decide to build their own gym with free weights, one of many exercise machines, or simply decide to continue with bodyweight training; the opportunities are endless—even if the anxiety remains.

Some bodyweight exercises are more difficult than others, in this article we will focus on those most suitable for beginners who are trying to work their way towards more advanced training exercises and regimens. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other types of exercises individuals can do from the luxury of their own house, these are those just best suited for beginners. Keep reading to find out how to motivate yourself to workout and lose weight.

Plank It Up

Planks are great for working out numerous parts of your body at once. They can be challenging even for seasoned fitness enthusiasts and are definitely a good workout for beginners to work out their core.

Those new to planking should not attempt to hold an individual plank for over fifteen seconds in order to make sure they do not strain any muscles. While this exercise may not seem to be the most difficult or worthwhile, your body will definitely feel the work being done once you try them for the first time.

If you feel your body shaking during planks, end your current set as you are beginning to strain your muscles and need to take a quick break.

Sumo Squats

While another exercise which doesn’t illicit fear while being demonstrated, sumo squats are an incredible lower body workout which can be a beginners’ best friend. When first attempting this exercise you may find it difficult to do more than ten to fifteen during a single set, however over a few weeks of continuous use of the exercise you will see that number drastically rise.

Sumo squats are the perfect exercise to prepare your lower body for weight training and may help shake some anxiety before joining a gym. An added bonus is the mental challenge they present as you attempt to set personal bests during sets.

Again proceed with caution as beginner’s should not push through the initial sourness felt from sumo squats, that is a great way to strain muscles and be forced to begin from square one. We want to make sure you do everything
possible to avoid any and all injury.

Push Ups

Push-ups don’t need an introduction; they are one of the most tried and true exercises known to humanity. Despite how basic they are, push-ups are an amazing way for beginners to build up strength in their chests and biceps. If when starting out do not be discouraged if you can only complete several full push-ups.

Over the course of several weeks, you will see that number drastically increase if you continue working and use proper form. Another great aspect with push-ups is the definition beginners will see in their upper body, which can provide an added boost of motivation.

While push-ups may seem boring and the initial lack of visible results may be frustrating, however this exercise is great no matter your fitness level and builds functional strength along with building your chest.


Another classic workout and one that will help cut fat in the abdominal region. Crunches are a fantastic workout for beginners who want to both develop and strengthen their core for advanced exercises.

Beginners may find discomfort in the burning sensation in their abdominals after several sets; however this feeling simply means your muscles are being developed and you are effectively burning calories and fat.

Do not hesitate to do several sets of crunches per day if you want to gradually move your body into a more fit state. Crunches are far more effective than sit-ups which typically do not result in the same positive gains.

Mountain Climbers
Mountain climbers not only work your core they also provide a good cardiovascular workout as well. Beginners should not attempt to overdue mountain climbers on their first attempt as they can be rather intense and a shock to several different portions of the body.

For those looking for an alternative to running for their cardio, and are not yet physically ready to attempt advanced High-Intensity Interval training exercises, mountain climbers are a great bridge between the two.

Beginners should attempt mountain climbers for 15 seconds before attempting to concentrate on specific cadences, there will be plenty of time to work up to longer intervals once your body becomes acuminated with the exercise.

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