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If you are something like me, maybe you're probably a dozen eggs, which is almost a light gray shadow. You do not get any problem with it. I was recently going through my makeup collection and I realized that I was a bit smart with the eyes of natural colors. I did the only math for her mood, and I'm sure I'll spend more than $ 400. Many of my friends ask me what my favorite eye color pants are, so I thought I would be a partner! I like hot temperatures, so if you enjoy cool-cold, you can not like them much. Click on the picture for a link to buy all my favorite naturally tanned ids pads (no special order.).
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1. Lorac Pro

I've never used a better Iceland formula in my life. It's a small powder, but the sun is better. The shiny colors are dynamic and shiny, and the mesh speaks so well. This palette also gives you a good selection of different colors. Packaging for travel is great.
2. Very natural eyes

Beautiful palette with some of my favorite indicator colors. He recently updated it and changed three shadows in new colors. The above is the new version, the slice is original. I am at the bottom
3. Many chocolate bars

This palette needs everything you need, both the fog and the shining are looking very beautiful.
4. More X Cotton Lights

This is a limited edition so you had to work fast, but I love your favorite YouTubers with my pet. This list is much cheaper than others. First of all, I beat Moor, and hit some of his colors and remembered, but this palette is very good. Hot yellow looks very beautiful in this yellow, and everything gets alright. The colors are really made from the sun.
5. Urban cities naked bases

It's a very easy palette, but it looks naturally faded and is perfect to see.
6. Urban cities naked

I'm honest, I've got other pants such as Lorac Pro or Chocolate Bar Palettes, which I personally perform better than the UD palette. However, no natural entry will be completed without it. The naked palette was primarily a palette that started the revolution of natural colors. It is usually a place in the natural eye aspect of the patio hall. The palette is that which has started all this, and with many different types of colors, many colors are included.
7. Many penguins face butter and jelly

Birth and patent are hung on one side, this is the best palette for hot cool shadow lovers.
8. A terminal toilet in Bloom

I'm on the fence with that. The colors themselves are very beautiful, and I love patterns. The sun is unrealistic. The colors are not just eyes, and for the price, it's really disappointing. Most people make this palette a spectacular revision, although it may fit for you.
We did the best to test, so you do not have to
These eyes do not have to adapt to those days. Every drug and department has hundreds of best ice shadows on beauty halls. Along with the perfect liquid eyeliner perfectly to make really pop, a sweep of shades and depth increase your overall look. And of course, the whole thing is just completed by eliminating the army with your best Kajal.
SS 18 time comes, green is a moment. We know what you are thinking - green eye makeup? It's not quite sexy. In addition, when the Tom is in the hands of the Prox; In Ai Saab, before spreading with the lines of Leech and Leeds, he grayed gray with gray for the ground.

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