Customer ledger easily accessible

It is important for users of ePOS systems to be able to access detailed account information from that point. It should be possible to view payment allocations and quickly access line items on invoices from the POS. This way, customer details are always visible for more accurate tracking and reporting.

Multiple payment types

Let your customers pay the way they want to with the Pine Labs EPOS System. Accept purchases from debit, credit, gift cards, coupons, and even phone calls. The Pine Labs EPOS System is an all-in-one POS system enabling you to quickly and easily tap into your customer's payment preferences. This system allows for multiple payment types including purchase orders and checks.

Highlight Special Prices

At the POS, use the ‘Special Price’ feature to denote items that have already been given special price treatment.

Access accurate stock information

Access accurate stock information in real-time and on the fly. Purchase orders, deliveries, inventory, and available items are all visible at the EPOS. The system has been designed for resiliency and to handle a surge in activity. It uses multiple database servers to distribute processing power as well as multiple database instances to assure simultaneous queries are handled quickly. As part of your requested solution, consider extending the solution to include inventory management functionality.

Customer Specific Prices

"Customer Specific Prices" do just that, enabling staff to 'remember' a price paid for a product in the past. When a sale is completed, the software will automatically apply that price. If you have set criteria so that customers receive a discount on their payment, the system will calculate this for you as well.

Time, Date and Sales Rep

The Time, Date and Sales Rep docket book means that when it comes to the end of a sale you are in a position to securely write the time, date and name of the sales rep on all of your hard copy paperwork. This includes any commission notes for admin purposes.

Quick Find Customers

Our Quick Find customer feature allows you to instantly find a customer from your database at the point of sale. You can search using all, or a part, of the customer's name or address. This is essential for speedy order processing and improved customer service.

Quick Find Products

A fast and easy way to find the products you need. Now there’s no need to scan product codes again or waste time trying to find products by hand in a catalog. Simply choose the type of your product, enter a few keywords that describe your item and find matching offers quickly and easily. Whether you want to buy a bag of cement, steel reinforcement bars, or anything else, you can now search for it quickly using Quick Find Products.

Alert Quotation if Exists

Our new system automatically alerts the sales staff when a customer is purchasing an item for which a quotation already exists. The quote number, customer details and quantity purchased is displayed on the screen of the terminal used by the salesperson, so that they can deal with any additional paperwork such as a VAT receipt etc. This helps to make sure that the sale is completed and reduces the administration involved in dealing with quotations.

Customer Reference Number

For faster and more accurate accounting it is imperative that you receive a customer ID from the customer. Products can be routed based on the customer ID as well as invoicing, shipment notifications, and accounting entries will all have the customer ID to ensure accuracy.

Multiple Delivery Addresses

Our Delivery Address system allows you to store delivery addresses for each customer as the default delivery address, or any address that you refer to regularly. Just select the delivery address from the customer screen and press send.

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