In the earlier times, men used to reach into the toiletries dresser take out their razors along with a can of shaving cream or foam shave off the facial hair and attain a clean, groomed look. Hi-tech innovation these days are not leaving any stones unturned, not even with the basic grooming equipment like a simple razor. A completely new variety of electric shavers and trimmers have actively captured the market of men’s grooming, and has now become an essential tool for the modern-day man.

In addition to delivering neat and sharp trims much better than any standard razor, these mechanical trimmers are also shaving the money (used to buy multiple disposable razors and shaving cream) and time off your grooming mundane, making it an essential and a must-buy tool for all the men who are conscious about their appearance. Thus, this article seeks to provide as a guide to assist you in selecting the best electronic face clipper.

This article on the best electric shavers in 2018 compares the 10 best rated electric shavers on a variety of metrics like their type – whether foil or rotary blade category, if they need to be used with water or in a dry mode, their battery life, charging capability and cleaning techniques, etc.

One of the prime areas where the electric shavers are assessed are whether the shaver head is of the foil type or it has rotary blades. A foil head shaver consists of oscillating blades that move back and forth, and its biggest disadvantage is the frequent struggle that you would experience on the curves of your face relative to other electric shavers. And one of the interesting electric shavers in the foil head category would be the Philips Norelco QC5580/40 electric razor primarily pertaining to unique head design, coupled with the ability it has to trim lengthier hair and the fact that it is reasonably priced. It has a 180 degree rotating head which eases the shaving process over the jawline, chin and nose area.

The rotary head, on the other hand, is the one that has three discs, a technology first to be introduced by Philips in 1960s. Within these discs the razors are placed, that spin around swiftly to cut the beard. The primary benefit of having rotary blades style razors is that these can pivot 360 degrees and can even flex inwards to give a closer shave around the contours of a man’s face. Even though Philips Norelco electric shavers have aced in the category, another razor called the Hatteker Professional electric razor is one of the technological wonders in the rotary shaver product catalogue. It’s a well-built, premium quality shaver/clipper/trimmer combo packaged in a single box. The razor features a head that pivots in four directions, automatically adjusting to the face curves and gliding comfortably over the skin providing it users a close and comfortable shave.

Before selecting the apt shaver, other factors like the charging time or the ease with which these electric shaver can be cleaned are also some key point of considerations, along with the pros and cons of each product.

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