User experience is one of the most differentiating factors between ecommerce businesses. Ecommerce trends are continuously changing and customers are more picky and discerning than ever before. The secret of ecommerce business success is “win over customers and they will take care of the rest.” According to the report, 38% of online shoppers will leave a website if they find design to be unattractive. Smarter businesses focus on this aspect right from the eCommerce development stages. So the businesses are working hard to come up with a website that is clean and easy to navigate so as to make the purchasing process easy and attractive.

Here we’ll see various UX sections that you need to focus on to get most of your eCommerce store. There are some tips about- how to improve UX features and give a better experience to users. Before digging to its details, let us see details of ecommerce ux.

What Is Ecommerce User Experience?
Ecommerce user experience incorporates all the interactions that a customer experiences during the product purchasing process. It begins with them visiting the site or the application and goes beyond the product purchase. It includes post-purchase interactions like product delivery, customer support, return, or exchange of product and so on. In short, anything that a shopper has to do with online store comes under this category.

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Need Of Ecommerce User Experience-
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