Erectile dysfunction is a weakness in a male erection. This is the term given to conditions in which a man cannot get and maintain the erection that is needed for intimacy in life. There are several reasons behind erectile dysfunction in males. Lifestyle issues, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, cholesterol issue are some of the factors that raise the risk of erectile dysfunction. Low desire, which is due to low libido and low testosterone levels, gives birth to erectile dysfunction in males. A diet is the best way to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction also happens due to emotional and psychological issues. Stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, recent breakup, etc. all raise erectile dysfunction. Before coming to the point of the best diet to prevent erectile dysfunction, it is imperative to know the basic cellular cause behind erectile dysfunction.

The basic cause of erectile dysfunction at the cellular level

At a cellular level, the basic cause is a low inflow of blood into the smooth muscles of the male organ. The male organ has two smooth muscles on either side. These need to be filled with blood to enlarge and engorge the male organ. A rush of blood inflow in the male organ gives rise to the erection.

The blood inside the male organ also sustains the erection. It happens when a male is excited or aroused sufficiently. But males with erectile dysfunction cannot ensure smooth flow of blood inside the male organ. It could be due to reduction of blood flow, formation of cholesterol or plaque in the arteries, or lack of sufficient arousal level, which prevents the flow of blood towards the male organ.

The diet to cure erectile dysfunction needs to tackle basic issues. It must increase blood flow in the body, second, such a diet needs to increase libido or testosterone levels to create a desire for intimate sessions. Cialis 60 mg prescribed by doctors to males with erection weakness only ensures results for 36 hours. You can buy Cialis 60 mg online but, the diet can give a permanent cure.

Diet to prevent erectile dysfunction


Beetroot is a nitrate-rich root food. The nitrate is converted into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide in blood vessels dilates the blood vessels to generate blood flow towards the male organ. Beetroot is recommended by experts as part of a balanced diet to cure erectile dysfunction naturally.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice also serves the same purpose. It has nitrate to get the necessary nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a gas in the blood vessels, which gets stimulated when a man is sexually excited. The relaxation and dilation of the blood vessels encourage blood flow to overcome erection weakness. Pomegranate supports healthy endothelial cell function, which helps a man to cure erection weakness.  Seniors males on Levitra 60 mg  prescribed by doctors are suggested to increase consumption of such fruits which increase blood flow naturally. Regular consumption brings down the need for higher doses to boost erection.

Fish for omega 3 fatty acids in the diet to prevent erectile dysfunction

Omega 3 fatty acids in fish remove waxy substances from the inner lines of blood vessels. It ensures increased efficiency of the heart to pump blood in the body. Cholesterol issues and the formation of plaque from excess smoking reduces blood flow. Fish is a necessary part of the diet to improve heart condition, which in turn makes an erection possible.

Berries in diet to prevent erectile dysfunction

All kinds of berries are full of natural plant-based antioxidants. These antioxidants include anthocyanins, flavones, phenolic acids, etc. not only do antioxidants keep blood vessels healthy by reducing the oxidation process, but they also healthy nitric oxide levels in blood vessels.  Include grapes, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries in your diet to naturally cure erectile dysfunction.

Citrus fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C. This vital vitamin strengthens the walls of blood vessels and checks the growth of plaque formation inside the blood vessels. Take oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes regularly in your diet. Some other fruits containing vitamin C should be a good source of natural cure for erectile dysfunction. Brussels sprouts, pineapple, bell peppers, broccoli, etc. are those foods.

Nuts in diet to prevent erectile dysfunction

Walnut, almond, Brazilian nuts, pistachio, etc. ensure a healthy circulation of blood inside the body. Vitamin E, omega 6 fatty acids in walnuts, magnesium, and L arginine are nutrients that our body gets from nuts. Brazilian nuts are the richest source of selenium that increases libido in males. Sometimes low libido is behind the low desire for intimacy, which does not help in getting blood flow towards the male organ. Nuts in diet are an essential part to cure erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin B complex diet

Vitamin B complex diet is one of the best diets to prevent erectile dysfunction. It strengthens the nerves of the male organ for a healthy erection. The diet also increases energy levels in males and gives a boost to testosterone levels. Fatigue, lack of libido, and low testosterone levels make it difficult for a male to think about intimacy in life. It has been observed that males after 40 feel low libido and sagging testosterone levels. Meat, beef, nuts, pumpkin seeds, green leafy vegetables, wheatgrass, eggs, poultry, etc., are excellent sources of the vitamin B complex.

Mediterranean diet for overall cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular health is directly linked with a healthy erection process. It is the best diet to prevent erectile dysfunction. The diet consists of green vegetables, fruits, legumes, fish, olive oil, and whole grain, and wine. Anyone with such a diet keeps lifestyle diseases away. Diabetes, blood pressure, heart weakness, weakness in liner lines of blood vessels, prevent the healthy erection process. Regular consumption of such a diet increases the odds against erection dysfunction in males.

Along with a healthy diet, there are certain habits, which a male has to curb or reduce. Smoking, drinking, junk food, a sedentary lifestyle, and lack of proper rest also increase the risk of several lifestyle diseases. Obesity and lifestyle diseases increase the chances of erectile dysfunction irrespective of age.


The only diet to prevent erectile dysfunction that helps a male overcome erectile dysfunction is a healthy balanced diet with an increased portion of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. One should also reduce unhealthy salty snacks between meals. A healthy diet will take care of all aspects of the erection process.

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Dr. Simon Hayes is a senior doctor and surgeon with over two decades of experience. Dr. Simon performed some of the most delicate surgeries on prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement. Currently, as a consultant to medsstore. online, Dr. Simon guides an online medical team to help patients maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle to prevent lifestyle diseases.