DevOps is a software development and delivery process. It emphasizes communication, a collaboration between product management, software system development, and operations professionals.

Following is a curated list of the top DevOps Tool, together with their features.

Jenkins is used for monitoring the execution of repeated tasks. It helps to integrate project changes a lot of simply by quickly finding problems.
• It will increase the scale of automation
• Jenkins needs very little maintenance and has inbuilt graphical user interface tool for simple updates.
• It offers four hundred plugins to support building and testing nearly any project.
• It is a Java-based program able to run with operational systems like Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX
• It supports continuous integration and continuous delivery
• It will simply originate and designed via an online interface
• It will distribute tasks across multiple machines thereby increasing concurrency.

A chef is a helpful DevOps tool for achieving speed, scale, and consistency. It’s a Cloud-based mostly system. It may be accustomed to ease out complicated tasks and perform automation.
• Accelerate cloud adoption
• Effectively manage information centers
• It will manage multiple cloud environments
• It maintains high accessibility

Docker is a DevOps technology suite. It permits DevOps teams to create, ship, and run distributed applications. This tool permits users to assemble apps from parts and work collaboratively.
Key Features:
• CaaS prepared platform running with inbuilt orchestration
• Flexible image management with a private registry to store, manage pictures and assemble image caches
• Helps to eliminate conflicts for enhancing security

Ansible is a leading DevOps tool. It’s an easy way to modify IT for automating entire application lifecycle. It makes it easier for DevOps groups to scale automation and speed up productivity.
Key Features:
• It is simple to use open supply deploy apps
• It helps to avoid complexness within the software system development process
• IT automation eliminates repetitive tasks that permit groups to do a lot of strategic work
• It is a perfect tool to manage complicated deployments and speed up the event method

Puppet Enterprise:
Puppet Enterprise could be a DevOps tool. It permits managing entire infrastructure as code without increasing the scale of the team.
• Puppet enterprise tool eliminates manual work for the software system delivery method. It helps the developer to deliver great software quickly
• Model and manage the whole setting
• Intelligent orchestration and visual workflows
• Real-time context-aware reportage
• Define and frequently enforce infrastructure
• Desired state conflict detection and rectification

It is a powerful log management and DevOps tool. It’s several use cases for monitoring SSH logins and weird activities. Its basic version may be a free and open supply.
• Automatically archive the info so the user does not have to be compelled to try this frequently
• Graylog Enterprise additionally offers Audit Log capabilities.
• It records and stores actions taken by a user or administrator that create changes within the system
• Support by permitting support requests directly from the engineers

Snort is a very powerful open-source DevOps tool that helps within the detection of intruders. It additionally highlights malicious attacks against the system. It permits real-time traffic analysis and packet work.
Key Features:
• Performs protocol analysis and content looking
• It permits signature-based detection of attacks by analyzing packets
• It offers real-time analysis and packet logging
• Detects buffer overflows, hiding port scans, and OS process makes an attempt, etc.

Splunk is a tool to create machine information accessible, usable, and valuable to everybody. It delivers operational intelligence to DevOps groups. It helps firms to be a lot of productive, competitive, and secure.
Key Features:
• Data drive analytics with unjust insights
• Next-generation observance and analytics resolution
• Delivers one, unified read of various IT services
• Extend the Splunk platform with purposeful solutions for security

Sumo Logic:
Sumo Logic helps organizations to research and be of log information. For advanced security analytics, it combines security analytics with integrated threat intelligence.
Key Features:
• Build, run, and secure Azure Hybrid applications
• Cloud-native, machine information analytics service for log management and statistic metrics
• Monitor, secure, troubleshoot cloud applications, and infrastructures
• It incorporates the power of the elastic cloud to scale infinitely
• Drive business worth, growth, and competitive advantage
• One platform for continuous real-time integration
• Remove friction from the applying lifecycle

Code Climate:
Code Climate is a DevOps tool that monitors the health of the code, from the command to the cloud. It helps users to repair problems simply and permits the team to supply higher code.
• It will simply integrate into any workflow
• It helps to spot fixes and improve the team's skills to supply reparable code.
• With the Code climate, it's simple to extend the code quality
• Allow chase progress instantly

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