Yeast infection or candidiasis is an infection caused by yeast called candida albicans. This commonly found infection is also known as candidosis, moniliasis and oidiomycosis. Vaginal itching, burning, painful urination, pain during sexual lovemaking and white cheesy discharge are some of the symptoms shown as a result of yeast infection. Prolonged use of certain antibiotics, elevated blood sugar levels, hormonal changes and poor immune system are some of the main causes of yeast infection. Risk of this infection increases with hot humid weather conditions, HIV infection, allergies and injuries.

Now, let's see some the best treatments used for curing candidiasis. Oregano oil is one among the best cures used for yeast infection treatments. Oregano herb, belonging to mint family group is well known for preventing the action of bacteria and fungi. Carvacrol, an active natural antibiotic in oregano herb is mainly responsible for its therapeutic properties. This medicinal oil can be taken internally as directed by your health practitioner. It is also used as cooking oil for the preparation of meat, sausages, stews and soup. Intake of oregano oil helps in improving your immunity power. It acts as a best potent and an effective antibiotic to man there by preventing the infections caused by yeast. This oil of oregano has been used for centuries due to its excellent healing property. Usage of oregano oil for the treatment is quite simple. You just need to add two or three drops of oregano oil to water and drink.

Garlic, a commonly found natural antiseptic is a best cure used for treatment. Studies say that, garlic is an important villain of yeast. The process of treatment by using garlic is easy and simple. You just need to insert a garlic clove wrap in gauze into the vagina every few hours. Garlic can be used both internally and externally for curing yeast infections. Today, garlic extracts are also available in the market as tablets. Shaklee's garlic tabs and Kyolic garlic tabs are two fine examples of commonly available garlic tabs. It helps in giving faster relief from painful yeast infections and is one among the best yeast infection treatments suggested as home remedies for candidiasis.

Usage of plain yogurt is one of the best natural treatments recommended for curing candidiasis. Patients are advised to use unsweetened yogurt for the treatment. Sweetened yogurt may feed yeast causing negative impact on patients. If you insist on having sugar taste, you can sweeten yogurt by adding honey. Patients can use plain yogurt both internally or externally. Bacteria present in yogurt helps in fighting against yeast and preventing their infections. Taking a bath in hot water added with apple-cider vinegar is another cure listed in best yeast infection treatments. Apple-cider vinegar can be taken both internally and externally. Bragg's apple-cider vinegar is an example of product mainly used for the treatment of yeast infections. Excessive use of apple-cider vinegar may cause certain side effects like burning. So it is advised to take care while you apply apple-cider vinegar.

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