Creative writing degree holds great importance for those who want to have their writings published in poetry volumes, fiction, screen plays, memoirs etc. The art of writing like any other skill calls for honing and paragon–and this is the reason that many professional writers consorted upon the idea of having courses of creative writing in universities at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

However, it is not mandatory to have a framed creative writing degree hanging on your wall before you sit down and drop a line but if you want to create really valuable pennings and earn recognition in the field from readers, editors and top notch writers, you need to have a degree in creative writing.
What do Creative Writing Courses Offer?

Creative writing covers the areas of journalism, copywriting, editing, freelance writing and novel writing. Creative writing professionals are able to write both for web and print media such as newspapers, books, movies, magazines etc.

There are a number of famous schools across the globe which are imparting the learning of creative writing to those who aspire to become top drawer writers.
Schools Offering Creative Writing Programs

Below are the names of few schools which are regarded as ‘best’ in the subject of creative writing in terms of the faculty, training facilities, course description and quality.
University of Iowa

The creative writing program at the University of Iowa is called ‘Iowa Writers Workshop’. The program is basically designed for the master’s level and is spread over a period of two years.

Students are required to undergo a series of creative writing exercises and are awarded degree after they submit compendium of creative poems, novels or fiction stories. On the undergraduate level, few creative writing sessions are shared with those pursuing their degree in English literature.

The University of Iowa has been ranked by Poets and Writers magazine as the best university in the discipline of creative writing.
London School of Journalism

The London School of Journalism has been offering courses in creative writing and freelance writing for the past nine decades. The best part about the London School of Journalism is that students from various countries can master the art of creative writing through their long distance learning facility.

Students are taught to create novels, fiction stories, short stories, poem writing and cartoons by the most experienced writers and literary agents.
University of Virginia

The University of Virginia has gained recognition for its course of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in which the students are taught to master skills for novels and poetry writing, using the correct form of English.

The faculty of this school comprises of award winning writers and English professors. The Princeton Review has named the University of Virginia as one of the top ten Best Value Public Colleges for its creative writing program.
John Hopkins University

Degree in the area of creative writing is offered by John Hopkins University at both undergraduate and masters level. Special focus is laid on educating the students in writing fiction and non fiction novels and creative poetry.

Other best creative writing schools include: Kaplan University, Columbia University, University of Massachusetts, Cornell University, University of Houston, New York University and University of Utah.

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