After the children have grown up, its memories that keep you company, memories that are kept alive in the only way photographs and videos can. That is why many new parents visit a studio for kid photography Singapore to cast the images of their children forever.

Maternity photography is the precursor to baby photography Singapore, when the to-be mother schedules a session while the baby is still within her. These prenatal shoots are very emotional for the couple and the photographer with whom they share their joy and concerns of impending parenthood. The experience translates into classy portraiture either in calm pastel moods or outdoors with the vibrant colors of life, which they cherish their whole lives.

New Born photography is capturing the first few weeks of baby’s life, as it leaves the safe confines of the mother’s womb entering this new exciting world! Baby spends most of the time these first weeks, sleeping and it is during these moments that the first artistic and unforgettable pictures are taken.

Child photography is equally exciting while you record the different expressions and actions of the toddlers and older children, in the comfort of their homes or in the exciting outdoor on famous locales of Singapore.

Of course, there are copyright issues, in that the pictures taken will belong to the photographer and he or she is legally entitled to use them for commercial purposes, but you cannot grudge a professional’s right, and you have your memories safe in such a beautiful form too!

A few things to remember when you want to choose the best child photographer in Singapore:

• Plan ahead. Whether you want an outdoor shoot, or prefer the air conditioned comfort of indoors. Singapore weather is humid, so it might be a trial for the young children, to move from locale to locale to get a variety of pictures
• Check the credentials – do some research on the previous work of the photographer. Check the costs. Has he or she won any awards? Visit the studio and look at the work and get a feeling of the environment.
• Choose a photographer who your family will get along with, with whom even the shyest member will open up with.
• Most photographers offer tailor made packages you can choose from. Discuss what your objectives are with the photographer.
• Book your appointment a few weeks in advance, because most photographers are very busy people with plenty of bookings. Baby photography is best done when the baby is asleep on a full stomach. So plan that accordingly.

With all these things taken care of, baby photography or child photography should be an enjoyable project.

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